5 Oscar Winning Movies You Need To See

5 Oscar-Winning Movies You Need To See



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catholics r-rated movies

Can Catholics Watch R Rated Movies?

Should Catholics watch movies rated R? Fr. George shares his opinion. Can Catholics Watch R Rated Movies? 10 Questions For Catholics To Ask Before Watching a Movie?

Fr. Looney's latest Catholic movie review is Dog Gone on Netflix. He found many wonderful life lessons in this uplifting tale.

“Dog Gone” Is Packed With Life Lessons

911 Lone Star lead actor Rob Lowe stars in Netflix’s latest movie, Dog Gone.  It’s one of the first feel-good movies of the year based on a true story of a father and son who search for a boy’s lost dog along the Appalachian Trail.   Catholics will enjoy two saintly references in the film.  In […]

Mother Teresa & Me Catholic movie review

Mother Teresa & Me | Movie Review

The world knew Mother Teresa because of her great love, humility, and selflessness. Her desire to pursue her “call within a call” and serve the poorest of the poor resonated with millions of people worldwide from those poor people she served all the way up through the highest levels of government and elite circles of […]

Infographic: 5 Oscar winning movies you need to see Catholic Reviews

5 Oscar Winning Movies You Need To See

5 Oscar-Winning Movies You Need To See     More Movie Recommendations   Related content: Recommended Movies of 2017 Why Are Christian Movies So Bad…And What Can We Do About It? 3 Movies About The Existence Of the Devil (Especially for Nonbelievers) This Year’s Oscar Candidates: Five Films of Interest to Catholics 7 Movies That […]

Going to see A Haunting In Venice this Halloween? Read these thoughts from More Than Entertained for a Catholic perspective on this film

On “A Haunting in Venice”

In his book A Secular Age, modern philosopher Charles Taylor speaks of the “buffered self.”  The phrase refers to a person who is closed off to the idea of anything supernatural.  Think of a sponge’s opposite.  The “water” of transcendent reality is simply unable to saturate one who is “buffered.”  It’s a striking articulation of what’s […]

Looking for a Catholic movie review of The Miracle Club? Fr. Looney provides his insights into this film about a journey to Lourdes

Take A Cinematic Visit To Lourdes With “The Miracle Club” – Catholic Movie Review

Though most Catholics will never have the opportunity to make a major pilgrimage in their life, there are a handful who will. The most popular Catholic pilgrimage places might be the Holy Land, Rome (and Italy), and France, especially Lourdes.  Shrines of Mary’s apparitions and saints would also rank high on many people’s lists.  The […]

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Prayer For The Unborn

Pray for the Unborn Please God you may continue, closely united with one another, to be a force of renewal and hope in our society. May the Lord help you to work ceaselessly to enable all, believers and non-believers alike, to understand that protection of human life...

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St. Maximilian Kolbe

PRAYER TO ST. MAXIMILIAN KOLBE St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe, most faithful son of St. Francis, the beggar of Assisi, inflamed with love for God you journeyed through life practicing heroic virtues and performing true apostolic deeds. Turn your gaze on us who honor you...

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