4 Key Points To Understand Divine Mercy Sunday

4 Key Points To Understand Divine Mercy Sunday

Infographic: 4 key points to understand the Feast of the Divine Mercy    

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They Call Her “The Prophet of Mercy,” Meet St. Faustina
How To Pray The Divine Mercy Chaplet: Your Step By Step Visual Guide
Mercy Pope Francis Quote

Mercy Makes The World Less Cold | Pope Francis

Divine Mercy Sunday | Pope Francis Related content: Who Is Worthy Of God’s Mercy?  | The Pope Francis Minute This Is The Mercy Of God | Pope Francis Quote Mercy Always Has A Youthful Face | Pope Francis I Am Mercy Itself | Jesus’ Words To St. Faustina Pope Francis Explains: The Holy Year of […]

catholic love story forgiveness

“A Love So Strong” It Can Forgive the Unthinkable

The Lord’s Prayer, is a prayer many of us have prayed countless times to the point that the words have just become a rhythm. There is that one tiny, seemingly innocuous line that calls us to “forgive those who trespass against us”. It is often too uncomfortable to dwell on what that really means in […]

Divine Mercy

Be Bold! The Father Is Waiting And Will Always Catch You | Catholic Bible Study

Are you holding back in your faith? Cowering in the locked upper room like the Disciples? Father Ian VanHeusen leads us in a Catholic Bible Study on John 20:19-31, and the awesome trustworthiness of God to catch us when we step out, risk big, and shed our fears in order to live our faith boldly. […]

St. Faustina Prophet of Mercy

They Call Her “The Prophet of Mercy,” Meet St. Faustina

Prayer of St. Faustina “O Lord, I want to be completely transformed into Your mercy and to be Your living reflection. May the greatest of all divine attributes, that of Your unfathomable mercy, pass through my heart and soul to my neighbor. Help me, O Lord, that my eyes may be merciful, so that I […]

Gospel reflection Catholic Bible Study

Are You Locked In? | Divine Mercy Reflection

  “What is your aim in philosophy?” “To show the fly the way out of the fly-bottle.” ~ Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost Paraphrasing Wittgenstein, we can say that the aim of the Resurrection is to show us the way out of the places in which we are trapped, from the existential bottles we have managed […]

tips on how to pray for Catholics

How To Pray? 10 Types Of Prayer Christians Need In Their Lives

“I don’t have time to pray!,” some argue. “That is not true,” I tell them. They give me a thousand excuses and leave. Then time goes by and I observe them. Long hours spent watching TV and YouTube videos, checking Facebook, playing games, listening to music, pursuing a hobby… in short, everything is justifiable on […]

Divine Mercy Sunday St. Faustina Quotes

I Am Mercy Itself | Jesus’ Words To St. Faustina

I Am Mercy Itself | Jesus’ Words To St. Faustina   “I am Love and Mercy Itself.  There is no misery that could be a match for My Mercy, neither will misery exhaust it, because as it is being granted – it increases.  The soul that trusts in My Mercy is most fortunate, because I […]

Litany Of Trust The Sisters Of Life Prayer

Litany Of Trust | Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, Sister of Life

Litany Of Trust | Sr. Faustina Maria Pia, Sister of Life From the belief thatI have to earn Your loveDeliver me, Jesus.From the fear that I am unlovableDeliver me, Jesus.From the false securitythat I have what it takesDeliver me, Jesus.From the fear that trusting Youwill leave me more destituteDeliver me, Jesus.From all suspicion ofYour words […]

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