Denzel Washington To College Grads: ‘Put God First In Everything You Do’

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Today’s video is a speech that Denzel Washington gave to the 2015 graduating class from Dillard University. In posting it, I am not proposing Mr. Washington as a model of Christian living (above all, because I know nothing about his day-to-day life). He is undoubtedly a fantastic actor with all the ambiguities that come along with the Hollywood career. That said, testimonies of people who, like Denzel, who have reached all that the world can offer (in a mundane sense) and still have the integrity and faith to remind others that there is something more, are always welcome.

“I’m going to keep it short. “Number one: Put God first. Put God first in everything you do… Everything you think you see in me, everything I’ve accomplished, everything you think I have – and I have a few things… Everything that I have is by the grace of God. Understand that. It’s a gift.”

The Dillard University Commencement

After the initial remarks, he goes on to tell few anecdotes worth nothing:

When I was young and started really making it as an actor, I came and talked to my mother and said, ‘Mom, did you think this was going to happen? I’d be so big and I’ll be able to take care of everybody and I can do this and I can do that.’  –She said– ‘Boy, stop it right there, stop it right there, stop it right there!” he continued. –She said– ‘If you only knew how many people been praying for you.’ How many prayer groups she put together, how many prayer talks she gave, how many times she splashed me with holy water to save my sorry behind.” –She said– ‘Oh, you did it all by yourself,'” recounted Washington.  “‘I’ll tell you what you can do by yourself: Go outside and get a mop and bucket and clean these windows – you can do that by yourself, superstar.’

Denzel Washington, 60, is married, has five children and is a Pentecostal Christian. In a January 2008 interview with Oprah Winfrey, she asked Washington, “What makes you the most proud?”  He said,  “I’m careful about the word ‘proud.’ I’m happy to have read the Bible from cover to cover. I’m on my second go-round—I read one chapter a day. Right now I’m digging John. He just had dinner with Mary, and things are about to take a turn for the worse.” (Source)

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