#Fallingplates is a video produced by the Christian agency, CRU Global. During its 4-minute duration – which seems to pass by in a glimpse of an eye – the production uses a series of metaphoric images through which leads us along the path of mankind: creation, sin, Christ’s resurrection, and man’s salvation.

It transmits an impressive force through the eloquence of the images, all the while maintaining the clarity and explicitness of its catechetical message.



Eric Groth is Founder, President, and Executive Producer at Outside da Box, a NPO that exists to bring Jesus Christ to the young church through digital media.


This video presents a beautiful metaphor. It articulates through such vivid imagery and narration a truth so critical and life transforming: God is a jealous lover. To hear this is probably a bit unsettling. Jealous? How can God be jealous? After all, doesn’t everything belong to him? But jealousy as it is typically experienced in human interaction – rooted in insecurity – is not how God expresses it. The Lord’s jealousy is best defined by his intolerance and vigilance; His intolerance of a rivalry – of any and every imperfect substitution that I exchange for his perfect love; and His vigilance in guarding me – his most prized possession.

Think about it. God’s love MUST be a jealous love. It has to be. It is agape. It is ultimate. By its very essence, it demands to be given. God wants and offers nothing less than that which is perfect. The great paradox is that in my search for true love, I often knowingly and unknowingly settle for cheap substitutions. I cheat on my Lover. I turn away from the One who created me; the One who knows me best; I am alive, but slowly dying.

My sin has a cost. Death. But my Jealous Lover does not tolerate death. In his vigilance, he conquered sin and death through his Paschal Mystery. His love alone takes what was once shattered and broken and transforms it into something new.


Corey Heimann is founder of Likable Art, a source of creative apostolic videos, websites, and other initiatives. Check out his website at: Likableart.com


I think one thing we often forget when teaching the truths of the Church is context. Constantly we see people confused with the Churches teaching. What we’re missing is our story. We’re lacking an understanding our place in the Christian story. Before we can share anything about marriage, abortion, or any other topic we need to know salvation history and the fact that God has a specific place for us in that story. Redemption doesn’t end with an empty tomb, it only begins.

When we recognize this truth and this story we can finally see that Christ is a man that we can have a relationship with today. Without this context, it’s true that the Church doesn’t make sense. When we do show this story every teaching and truth must be shared in a way that shows how it fits into this story. I am praying that we may better understand how we were created purposely in God’s ultimate story.

Monica Perez Lopez is the English editor of Catholic.net, a page that’s been around since 1995 and has been a pioneer in Catholic online presence.


Created by and for God’s love, every soul searches constantly –even without noticing– to fill the immense void that the lack of His love leaves in the deepness of the heart. All of us search for the same things: acceptance, intimacy, love. But somehow, we cut off from God in our search thinking that we will find the answer away from Him, and we start searching in the wrong places over and over again like if we were not able to understand that if we keep doing the same things, we will keep getting the same results, and we keep searching to fill an infinite void of eternal and perfect love with perishable things, and that won’t work, it never does…

Anyhow, we keep searching and in our desperate search we pull ourselves more and more away from God and his love, and still, He loves you just the way you are, with your personality and your complexity, because he created you in a unique way with the only purpose to love you, with that only love able to heal you and to bring you back to life despite your sins, with his loving forgiveness. No doubt, this is a great video to meditate about God’s fidelity to His personal love to you, since the first day He thought of you.


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