A Letter Inviting Former Catholics Back to Mass This Christmas

by Feasts and Solemnities, Mass

It can be difficult to extend the invitation to a neighbor or friend to join us at Mass for Christmas, but statistics show that 82% of people who do not go to Church are somewhat likely to attend if invited.

This should give us the courage to be bold in our faith and invite someone to experience the love of Christ in their hearts this Christmas.

Today we offer a template for a letter that you can print and use with family and friends that once attended Church with you but for one reason or another no longer come. We encourage you to personalize it and make it your own.

Imagine the lives that could be changed if each Catholic brought one person to Mass this Christmas.  You could give someone a gift that will last an eternity. 

Dear Friend:

This is an invitation to join us for our Christmas services this year. Our Parish, our spiritual family, desires that all members of our community come together to celebrate the Birth of Our Lord. 

If it has been awhile since you’ve attended Mass, be assured that this Christmas season, we want to invite you back to your spiritual home — no questions asked.  We know it’s sometimes hard to come back after being away for so long; most of us have been in your shoes. Life can get the best of us and the last thing you need is one more thing on your To-Do list, but we can guarantee that whatever you are looking for and whatever you need, you will find in Jesus who is truly present in the Eucharist.

Our Parish family is not here to condemn, criticize, or judge you. Rather, we want to offer our love, support, and our prayers for you. Your presence is an important part of our celebration of the Mass and when you are not there, you are missed. 

Much more than just another thing to do on a Sunday, Mass is the feast the Father has so lovingly prepared for you.  He waits to receive you with arms wide open.  He can’t wait to hear about your week, your worries, your success, your desires… everything.  Our heavenly Father doesn’t care if you’ve been away for a week, a few months or even a few years.  All He truly desires is your company at Mass this Christmas and we do too. Please consider joining us for our Christmas services this year. 

In Christ,

Your Parish Family

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