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Born in Chile, 28 years old, Daniel is currently studying Theology at the Gregorian University in Rome on his way towards the priesthood.

Child of God
Love and Friendship

This Short Video Taught Me What It Means to be a Child of God

Life is a unique movement of light where the beginning and the end meet. Just as we are born from…

A Sophisticated Deconstruction of Religion (and Our Humble Response)

It’s a laudable, sincere and profound exercise of the intellect to recognize all the good different religions have contributed to…

Sign of the Cross Do You Know the Meaning of the Sign of the Cross? The 3 Beautiful Truths It Contains
Catholic Church

Do You Know the Meaning Of The Sign of the Cross? The 3 Beautiful Truths It Contains

A terrible tragedy for Christianity has been, and always will be, the separation between rite and symbol; or to be…

tips on prayer

How to Pray? 10 Types of Prayer Christians Need in Their Lives

“I don’t have time to pray!,” some argue. “That is not true,” I tell them. They give me a thousand…

10 Quotes On The Eucharist From Fathers of the Church

10 Quotes On The Eucharist From Fathers Of The Church

It can be said that there is a yearning for something – an object, a certain food or a drink…


15 Excuses To Not Go To Confession (Answered!)

Benedict XVI said: “There is a close link between holiness and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The actual conversion of the…

Faith & Life

The Problem With Excuses…We All Have One

Today’s video is part of an ad campaign run by Nike. The general idea is clear: many times we complain…


More Than Just Stereotypes: When “Virtual” Ends Up Ruining the “Now” (Funny!)

Today’s video is a funny and witty parody (criticism) of one the most successful apps of the last few years….

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