We Pray For The Children (Quarantine Edition)

by Catholic Media, Faith & Life, Family, Prayer, Social Justice

We pray for the children…

Who wake up early and eat the entire box of cereal,

Who sleep in until noon,

Who wear their pajamas ALL.DAY.LONG.

And we pray for the those,

Who wake up hungry, but can’t find any food in the house,

Who sleep on the floor in a crowded room,

Who have no clothes that fit them.

We pray for the children,

Who count down the minutes until their next Zoom meeting,

Who are motivated to learn and read and grow,

Who think Common Core Math is “easy”.

And we pray for those,

Who don’t have an internet connection or a computer to use,

Who cry in frustration when it’s time for school work,

Who thrive on structure and routine and support…but no longer have that.

We pray for the children,

Who love all the extra time with mom and dad,

Who play board games with siblings, 

Who play outside and run and jump and ride bikes and blow bubbles.

Who live in homes full of joy, laughter, and peace.

And we pray for those,

Who are left alone to take care of everything while mom goes to work,

Who spend the day fighting with siblings,

Who are trapped in their homes with people who hurt them.

Who live in homes full of fear, anger, pain, worry, and hurt…and no longer have a way to escape.

We pray for the children who can’t wait to see their friends, their neighbors, their grandparents, and their teachers once again. 

We pray for those who toss and turn all night long wondering if they’ll get the coronavirus.

We pray for the children missing out on graduations, proms, class picnics, band concerts, sacraments, field trips, sporting events, birthday parties, spring plays, vacations…and so many other events.

We pray for those who can’t get to Mass to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

We pray for the children who are grieving because someone they love has passed away and they didn’t get to say good-bye.

We pray for the children. 


(Inspired By “We Pray For The Children” By Ina Hughes)

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