How A Tragedy Led To A Powerful Prayer Initiative

by Outstanding Initiatives, Prayer

2020 was a tough year for everyone. I remember the first day of shut down vividly as we celebrated my son’s St. Patrick’s Day 5th birthday in the back of our old van on a rainy day – nowhere to go, no parties to be had. I empathize with the many parents who were trying to figure out how to balance Zoom homeschooling with both parents working from home.

As if all-things-COVID weren’t disruptive enough…On the night of June 27, 2020, after we tucked the kids in, my husband and I were also getting ready for bed. He suddenly started panting heavily and beating his chest. I called 9-1-1 praying that my little ones wouldn’t wake up to witness this. Long story short, in less than an hour, I was a widow and my kids were without their father.

I can’t begin to describe the roller coaster of emotions in the past three years, there simply are no words. I kept telling people it felt like a cannon was blown through me and I couldn’t figure out how to move forward. I did the only desperate thing that came to mind, I prayed (because nothing in this earth made sense anymore). My kids and I prayed the Family Rosary Across America with Fr. Rocky and the Prayer Warriors on Relevant Radio every night. I was hearing prayer intentions for widows who lost their spouses of several decades and children who lost a parent or both in unexpected accidents. I suddenly found healing in praying for others (more than praying for myself). 

Yes, of course, we appreciated the casseroles and flowers. I received a few dozen text messages a day for a week. Eventually, the flowers and gifts stopped coming. And the text messages halted. But the prayers never ceased. I can tell you that, even now, three years later, I’m still missing and dreaming of my husband. The only comfort that has lasted through time has been prayers. There were strangers as well as family members who prayed with me and for me. They still reach out to me and say “we pray for you and the kids everyday.” There is something deeply healing in prayer that no pill nor therapy has been able to cure.

For the past three years, I write in my journal and read daily scripture. My kids love drawing on cards to give out for special occasions and holidays. Together we pray – with each other and for others. That was the start of PrayerGrams. My kids draw, I write and digitize. The hope is that those who receive PrayerGrams know that whatever they are facing – good, sad, joy, anger – they are loved by the One who loves eternally and unconditionally. We pray that the Lord heals all broken hearts because with the Lord, all things are possible.

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