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Faith & Life

Why Growing Up with Relativism Has Millennials Searching for New Rules for Life

This Disorientated Generation – Part 5 In 2018, Isaac Withers was one of 300 hundred people who attended the Vatican…

Faith & Life

Want to be a Good Person? Buy me!

Catholic-link.com – Slick cinematic craftsmanship, rapid fire inside-jokes and witty storytelling capture our eyes and imaginations in Follow The Frog. …

Faith & Life

When You Can Only See the World With Sarcasm

In the interest of full disclosure, before I begin, I need to make a confession to Catholic-Link readers: I am in…

Fulton Sheen

“Christ said, not a single iota of the truth He gave was to be changed”

“Christ said, not a single iota of the truth He gave was to be changed, then by what right do…

St. Anthony the Abbot

A Time is Coming When People Will Go Mad and Common Sense Will Fade

A time is coming when people will go mad, and when they meet someone who is not mad, they will…

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