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What is in a name? Nativity of St John the Baptist | Liturgy Live

Fr Ian VanHeusen and Alanna Burg talk about the readings for The Nativity of St John the Baptist. Questions for…

Desire for Infinity

How God Still Fulfills His Promises To Us Even When We Feel Useless and Hopeless

Meditation for the Solemnity of the birth of Saint John the Baptist, June 24th, 2018 Our lives are made of broken…

Catholic Bible Study Advent Free

Are You Willing to Ask the Uncomfortable Questions of Life?

  Reality is continually asking us questions. It always asks us to choose. And, through our decisions, we show who…

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Catholic Faith

John the Baptist Preaches God From The Womb | St. John Chrysostom

“O what a novel and wonderful mystery! John has not yet been born but already he gives voice with his…