A Social Network Christmas – is this the fastest way to spread the Good News?

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The next video in the Advent Avalanche is Igniter Media’s Social Network Christmas, which uses a facebook-style format to tell the Christmas story through the news feeds of Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth and Zechariah, with cameo appearances from the Emperor Augustus and three shepherds.

As we know, Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus. I think that what we particularly see in this video is the faith and prayer of the characters of the Christmas Story. Mary and Joseph are mocked and even rejected for their faith in God’s promises; Elizabeth and Zechariah have their own troubles to face. But all of them, by faith, prayer and trust in God, are able to face those difficulties: advanced age, long journeys and not being able to find a place to stay.

Another key element of the video is the evangelizing witness of those involved. Mary is truly the first apostle who, despite her pregnancy, sets out to visit her elderly cousin both to serve her and announce the Lord Jesus’ coming. Joseph does not leave Mary despite the ridicule he endures. The shepherds’ prayer of praise becomes a joyful announcement that the Savior is born.

Questions for discussion
How am I preparing for Christmas? Am I making the most of the opportunity for prayer in this season of Advent?

Do I announce my faith? Do I truly rejoice at God’s presence in my life? Or do I prefer to hide away because of what others might say to me? Have I ever done something (or not done something) because of what I thought other people might say or think?

Compare this video to the Gospel accounts of the Christmas story, which you can find in Luke 1:5 – 2:20 (the births of John the Baptist and Jesus) and Matthew 1: 18-25 (Joseph’s dream).



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