A Seminarian Shares 5 Ways To Support Your Parish Seminarian

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Summer months allow for seminarians to spend time in parishes and embrace pastoral and apostolic work more readily. Many priests recall lasting, grace-filled lessons, friendships, and memories that began on summer assignments or in home parishes as seminarians.
As seminarians get ready to head back to seminary life and prayer, classes, community, and formation, many parishioners want to support their parish seminarian in some way or another.

5 Ways To Support Your Parish Seminarian

  1. Pray for us! Mass & Rosary offerings, Holy Hours & Adoration, novenas, and intercessory prayers all give us strength for the journey. They help us all to grow in our relationship with God and holiness. Know we’re always praying for and thinking of you
  2. Reach out & Check in. The quick texts, messages, or emails on Patronal Feast Days, Solemnities, and Birthdays always bring a smile. Handwritten notes, greetings, or letters help us see the Church as a true family of faith – the Body of Christ.
  3. Keep us posted. Let us know who we can pray for, how your family and friends are doing, if you have a question or concern, or exciting news to share! We’ll reach out to keep you up to speed when we can too!
  4. Surprise us. The occasional gift, prayer card, souvenir from a trip, or gift card for food or purchases is always much appreciated. We are thankful for you and your kind generosity.
  5. Live the faith! Help us by authentically living the faith in your family, friendships, work, and Christian love—or charity! Evangelize. Witness the beauty of your Christian vocation. If we persevere in truth, we can live the Gospel and together bring others to Him each day!

USCCB Prayer For Vocations

O Father, you desire all of us to be happy.
Stir up the grace of a religious vocation in the hearts
of many men and women.
Grant to them the willingness and generosity
to give of themselves,their lives, their time and their
talents to the service of Jesus Christ, Your Son, Our Lord and
Savior, and to His Holy Church.

May more men and women go forth as priests, deacons,
brothers and sisters to bring the truths of our Catholic faith
to all others so that soon they, too, may know You better
and love You more…
and serving You, be truly happy. Amen.

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