Stations Of The Resurrection (Via Lucis)



FIRST STATION: Jesus rises from the dead. (Mt 28:5-6)

SECOND STATION:  The women find the empty tomb. (Mt 28:1-6)
THIRD STATION: The risen Lord appears to Mary Magdalene. (Jn 20:16)
FORTH STATION: Mary Magdalene proclaims the Resurrection to the apostles. (Jn 20:18)
FIFTH STATION: The risen Lord appears on the road to Emmaus. (Lk 24:13-27)
SIXTH STATION: The risen Lord is recognized in the breaking of the bread. (Lk 24:36-39)
SEVENTH STATION: The risen Lord appears to the disciples in Jerusalem. (Lk 24:36-39)
EIGHTH STATION: The risen Lord gives the disciples the power to forgive.(Jn 20:22-23a)
NINTH STATION:  The risen Lord strengthens the faith of Thomas. (Jn 20:24-29)
TENTH STATION: The risen Lord says to Peter, “Feed my sheep.” (Jn 21:15-17)
ELEVENTH STATION: The risen Lord sends the disciples into the whole world. (Mt 28:16-20)
TWELFTH STATION: The risen Lord ascends into heaven. (Acts 1:9-11)
THIRTEENTH: The apostles wait with Mary in the Upper Room. (Acts 1:12-14)
FOURTEENTH: The risen Lord sends the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:2-4)

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