A Collection Of Poetry For Eucharistic Adoration

Something More

There’s something more
Beyond that door
Than what meets the eye
Tiny Host
We adore the most
On the altar there abides

Appears as bread
Christ, risen from the dead,
The ultimate sacrifice
Who we abhor with our sin
By his mercy, He lets us in
To gaze upon Him, pure and white

Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity
Exposèd here for you and me,
Christ Jesus, most Holy One
Humbled Himself that we might
Be not blinded by His radiant light,
O Lord, God’s glorious Son!

I now implore
You look beyond that door
See past what meets your eye
Christ, that tiny Host
He, we adore the most
On th’altar there abides

Hail, Holy Eucharist!

O Lord in the most Blessed Sacrament, Hail!
Let Your merciful love here prevail!
Let each breath entering in to me
Be released with love for Thee
Spread across the entire world
Your victory against evil, in hearts unfurled
Help me start here at home
And spread to where all Your people roam
May You do all of this
Through my love for You in the Holy Eucharist!

Reason to Believe

What but as bread, This appears to be
Is You, Lord, it’s truly Thee!
It is You, Lord, I now receive
This is true, not because I believe

My belief cannot create
Can’t sew a seed, give man a mate
Can’t fashion out of dust
One who knows You, merciful and just

Alone, I am capable of but sin
Despite this belief I hold within
No, my belief doth not make You to be
Nor do You exist because You, I see

To You alone this glory belongs
To be praised in all earthly songs
It is You Who instills this Faith in me
You, Who inspires my will to believe

Lord, I lay my worries at Your feet
For Your glories there to meet
Lord, bid Thy grace enter my soul
My heart is Thine, Your love bestow

Transform Me

I came to You, empty and weak
My day lonely and bleak
My mind a mess
Not at my best

I come to You, weary and tired
Still you, my heart desired
And now, releasing all my fears
I share my troubled tears

Though feelings equal not love
You know my heart from Above
Lord, in moments when empty I be
These are times You transform me

Like Me

Saw the older lady
Weeping in front of our Lord
I thought she was holy

The man in the front there
Bent so low to the floor
I thought he was holy

I look at me
And think I see
Someone out of reach
Think He’s outta my reach
Others are so holy
I’m just too lowly
They have something I’m missing
Can’t touch the ground they’re kissing
But this is them
Crying out to Him
Not as different as I see
No, they’re just like me

I turn to Him, but
Others get answers instead
I think they’re more holy

I want to be like them
Wish to think the same as they
I fear I’m too lowly

I look back at me
See myself so empty
Whatever they have, I lack
I think it means my soul is black
Like they’re really holy
And I’m too lowly
Not as close as what I think
What holy water do they drink
But just like them
I cry out to Him
They’re not different like I see
No, they need Him just like me

My emptiness is theirs too
It’s brought us all here in front of You

I look at what I see
I see they’re just like me
We’re all turned towards You
Desires the same, love and truth
When I start to compare
Remember this hope we share
Same goal in mind
All seeking to find
Your peace through our test
To find in Him holy rest
The same Lord, we see
They need Him, just like me

Answers in the Flesh

(Inspired by the gospel of Mt 16:13-23, where Jesus asked His apostles who they say He is)

Cannot be explained
No matter what we do
What our Lord hath deigned
To be Holy and true

You are the Christ
The Son of Man
Through Who’s death
New life began

Many seek answers
And scientific proof
But this is God’s
Unprovable truth

Look beyond
The mind’s capacity
And you’ll learn
God’s mystery

Flesh won’t reveal
His new covenant;
Of what is truly real
Science remains ignorant

If you truly wish to know
Who He is
And to follow
The teaching that’s His

This which looks like bread,
You must realize,
Because of the words He said
‘Tis more than meets our eyes

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