How To Raise Holy Children: 8 Tips From A Saint

Pray for your children during pregnancy.
Stop giving them advice unceasingly; rather, talk to them through prayer.
Be examples for your children.
Teach your children to ask for God’s help in every situation.
When children make mistakes, talk to them seriously and firmly, not with anger.
Do not overprotect them, but teach them how to take care of themselves.
Raise your children in freedom.
Be holy, so that your children may be holy.


More Advice For Catholic Parents From St. Porphyrios

“When children grow up in an atmosphere of freedom and at the same time are surrounded by the good example of grown-ups, they are a joy to see.

The secret is to be good and saintly and to inspire and radiate. The life of the children seems to be affected by the radiation of their parents.

If the parents insist, “Come on now, go and make confession, go and receive Communion”, and so on, nothing is achieved.

But what does your child see in you? How do you live and what do you radiate? Does Christ radiate in you? That is what is transmitted to your child. This is where the secret lies.

And if this is done when the child is young, it will not be necessary for it to undergo ‘great travail’ when it grows up.”

Saint Porphyrios

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