Islam Continued: the Crusades

Catholic-Link Podcast
Catholic-Link Podcast
Islam Continued: the Crusades

War, the Holy Sepulcher, and the rosary have one intriguing common connection: the crusades. This hot-topic issue has garnered significant attention for the Church throughout the course of history, but the primary motivation for the crusades was mainly spiritual, opposite of what common myths imply. Tune into this Catholic Bytes episode to hear Fr. Conrad Murphy continue the history of Islam intertwined with the Catholic faith.

Further Resources:

  1. Online Audio: The Crusades: At War for God, Dr. Brendan McGuire, Ph.D.  2008.  
  2. Online: Busted Halo’s article How is Catholicism Different From Islam?
  3. Online: Catholic Answer’s article Do Muslims Worship the Same God As Catholics Do?
  4. Online: Bishop Barron’s article Muslims, Christians, and Secularists
  5. Online: Peter Kreeft’s Comparing Christianity and Islam

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