First Mover: Argument for God’s Existence

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Catholic-Link Podcast
First Mover: Argument for God’s Existence

Modern science generally tends to claim that God does not exist, which has become a popular thought rippling through culture, media, and entertainment. Holding the contrary, that God exists, is perceived as ‘unintelligent’ or, simply, ‘uncool’. Yet, while science can explain a lot about the universe, it fails at offering insight into its actual cause.  In other words, as much as science cannot prove God’s existence, neither can it disprove His existence.  That does not mean that proofs for God’s existence do not exist — in fact, they do! Tune in for one of five insightful arguments for God… 

Further Resources:

  1. Online Video: Fr. Robert Barron discusses the proof for God as the “Unmoved mover”
  2. Online Audio: Lighthouse Catholic Media CD by Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ on proofs for God’s existence
  3. Online:  Very short article on how to speak with atheists by Dr. Taylor Marshall

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