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The podcast formerly known as Catholic Bytes. A podcast for busy Catholics. A mix of short, informative episodes, long form interviews, and interesting historical episodes. Wherever you are in your faith, we have content for you!

003 Fr. Rob – History of the Priesthood with Fr. Joe Rampino

003 Fr. Rob – History of the Priesthood with Fr. Joe Rampino

“The priesthood” is a big topic, but we are tackling it in this episode. Fr. Joe discusses the central question of, “Has the priesthood always been this way?” If it hasn’t, what are the essential things to the priesthood? All that and more!

003 Fr. Rob – History of the Priesthood with Fr. Joe Rampino

002 Fr. Rob – Holy Days of Obligation

There are certain days of the week and year that are considered Holy Days of Obligation, or days that we must go to Mass. There is SO MUCH MORE to Holy Days of Obligation than just the point that we must go to Mass, tune in and learn more!

Habemus Papam: Episode 207 – Callistus III

Habemus Papam: Episode 263 – Benedict XVI

A special edition for the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI on the day of his death. May he rest in peace!

Note: The audio quality is poor because Fr. Conrad recorded this podcast early in the morning in his parents’ basement. Sorry for the inconvenience!

003 Fr. Rob – History of the Priesthood with Fr. Joe Rampino

002 Drew and Katie – How Jonathan Roumie Prays

Any The Chosen fans here? This episode is for you! Jonathan Roumie plays Jesus in The Chosen, but what does his relationship with Jesus look like? How does he pray? Tune into this interview with Drew, Katie, and Jonathan and find out!

003 Fr. Rob – History of the Priesthood with Fr. Joe Rampino

001 YT – Fr. Conrad’s Last Podcast

You have spent many years listening to the man behind the mic, Fr. Conrad, so let’s take this opportunity to learn a bit about him and his work outside of the podcast!

003 Fr. Rob – History of the Priesthood with Fr. Joe Rampino

001 CL – Meet Fr. Rob

Welcome to our “first” Catholic-Link podcast with your regular host, Fr. Conrad, introducing the new host, Fr. Robert Adams (a voice you should recognize).

The End

This is the last episode with our beloved Catholic Bytes Trio and they will be discussing the word telos and it’s very profound meaning.

Our understanding of what our end is, determines how we lives our lives. We are made with an end in mind, and that end must shape the way we live. We can’t live open ended…despite what Miley Cyrus tries to tell us in The Climb.

Tune in to hear how Jesus lived his life with his end in mind and some reminiscing from the early days of Catholic Bytes.

Catholic-Link Interview with Kimberly Hahn – The Domestic Church

Catholic homemaking done well creates a domestic church, where your home becomes a sacred space to live out your vocation. Kimberly Hahn is a Catholic wife and mother who provides Biblical wisdom and encouragement to the homemakers heart. Kimberly Hahn’s Bible Study, Graced and Gifted: Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker’s Heart and podcast Beloved and Blessed by the St Paul Institute are incredible resources for Catholic homemakers, learning to live out the vocation of wife and mother. If you feel a little lost and need some tips or tricks for homemaking, this book is for you! If you feel like a failure who isn’t any good at the domestic stuff she has the words of encouragement and tools you need. Wondering if homemaking still matters today? You need to hear this conversation! Order the book here:…

Catholic-Link Podcast: A Quick Hello from Drew and Katie

We are working on transitioning the Catholic Bytes podcast to the Catholic-Link podcast and part of that means we will have more content from our Youtube Channel! This is a quick hello from Drew and Katie Taylor sharing more about this transition.

Favorite Heretics

Sin of Wrath

We are talking about Evagrius of Pontus again and break down of the sin of wrath. Many people struggle with anger, and Evagrius says that anger and wrath are the enemies of true prayer. When we are angry it blinds us and we often have reactions we wouldn

Favorite Heretics

A Danger for the Devout – Acedia

In this episode we discuss acedia as described by Evagrius of Pontus. We often hear it described as sloth or laziness, but a more accurate understanding is “sadness”, “despondency”, or “despair”. Laziness is a symptom and not the sin itself. Fr. Rob

Favorite Heretics

20th Century Theologian Draft

We’ve had many drafts here on the Catholic Bytes podcast, so now let’s keep that going and discuss our favorite 20th century theologians!

Favorite Heretics

State of the Podcast Address

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since we have posted regularly and Fr. Conrad is here to tell you why. No worries, we aren’t going anywhere, just a few changes ahead!