Jesus In The Womb: Month 3

by Catholic Church, December, Jesus Christ

Your Lord and Savior is Now the Size of a Prune!

Baby Jesus has been growing at a fast pace since the Annunciation and will be fully developed by the end of this month!  Those tiny buds from last month are now arms and legs, hands and feet, fingers and toes.  These are the same hands and fingers that will bless the first Holy Eucharist at the Last Supper; the same hands that will be nailed to the cross for your benefit.  These are the same feet and toes that will be washed by a sinful woman’s tears, dried with her hair, and anointed with perfumed oil; the same feet that will be pierced with a nail to save you.  Though baby Jesus has begun to have small movements using these newly developed arms and legs within Mary’s womb, she is still anxiously awaiting the joyful sense of His movement within her for the first time.      

What to expect this month:

  • Some discomfort from the necessary life changes occurs when accepting this little Baby into your life.    
  • A deep sense of peace in knowing that you will one day be embraced by those tiny arms growing within Mary.  

Things to do this month to prepare for the birth of Jesus:

  • Spend some time studying the parts of the Bible that refer to the hands and feet of Jesus and while you read them, consider how little those hands and feet actually once were.  A quick internet search will produce a variety of verses referring to both.
  • Consider donating something (perhaps tiny little socks and tiny little mitts) to a pregnancy resource center in your area as a special way to give a gift to baby Jesus.  

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