Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit

Blessed are the poor in spirit

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 5:3

The Gospels are the first four books of the New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These books teach us facts about Jesus’ life and share valuable lessons we can learn from the true stories of Christ’s life here on earth. To really understand the faith, it’s essential that we read and understand the Gospels. It is through these books that we will come to know Our Lord and truly grasp the depths of His great love for us.

It can be intimidating to dive into these books on our own. It’s a lofty goal to get through all of the Gospels and in order to fully understand what we are reading it’s important to have a guide to provide insight and direction.

The 30-Day Gospel Challenge

That’s why we are so happy to hear about Hallow‘s newest initiative. The 30-Day Gospel Challenge, narrated by The Chosen‘s Jonathan Roumie, will guide listeners through the Gospels by presenting a few chapters each day from July 12 to August 11. Alongside daily Gospel readings, users can enjoy introductions and commentary for each Gospel from theologian and author Dr. Edward Sri, as well as speaker and biblical scholar Dr. Mary Healy. A  downloadable Challenge Study Guide and Reflection Questions are also included.Join The 30-Day Gospel Challenge Here!

How Jonathan Roumie Prays

Katie and Drew Taylor had the chance to talk with Jonathan Roumie about prayer and his role in the 30-Day Gospel Challenge.

What Is Hallow?

Hallow is a Catholic prayer and meditation app that helps users deepen their relationship with God through audio-guided prayer and music. The app has over 2,000 sessions including several novenas, the Rosary, daily Examens, litanies, music, Bible stories, Praylists focused on themes like love and humility, and so much more. In addition to this permanent content, Hallow offers several seasonal challenges each year for the Hallow Community to pray together. Launched in December 2018, Hallow is the #1 Catholic app in the US and Canadian app stores. Over 10 million prayers have been prayed using the app in over 150 countries.

Don’t let the summer pass you by without growing in prayer and holiness, join Catholic-Link in the 30-Day Gospel Challenge with our friends at Hallow.

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