Pandemic Parenting Tips: Mask At Mass

Pandemic Parenting Tips: Mask At Mass

Mask At Mass Catholic Pandemic Parenting Tips: Mask At Mass

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7 Things I Didn’t Fully Understand Before Parenthood

Each of us has a vocation from God and mine happens to be marriage. My husband and I got married nearly five years ago and I was pregnant with our daughter four months after we got married. That means my husband and I went into parenthood right away and both of us have learned a […]

St. John Paul II's Message To Young People

St. John Paul II’s Powerful Message To Young People

Message from St. John Paul II to young people More St. JPII Resources *These are Amazon Afiliate links that help the ministry of Catholic-Link at no additional cost to you! St. John Paul II, The Life Of A Holy Pope (Animated Video) Related content: 6 Awesome Facts About St. John Paul […]

What Caused This Professional Baseball Player to Walk Away from 13 Million Dollars? #FamilyFirst

What Caused This Professional Baseball Player To Walk Away From 13 Million Dollars?

I can’t give you any statistics on (now former) Chicago White Sox’s baseball player Adam LaRoche and I don’t know much about his faith life, but I do know that he made a very powerful statement yesterday about family that we can all learn from. For the past six years,  Adam LaRoche has had his […]

catholic miscarriage pregnancy loss Mother's Day

A Must-See Video For Husbands Whose Wives Find Mother’s Day Difficult

Though I’m blessed with five amazing children here with me on earth, I also have four beautiful children in heaven. The sting of our miscarriages is still present in my heart. So, I was hesitant to watch this video when I saw the title, but I’m so glad that I challenged myself to do so. The […]

family meeting

What’s A Family Board Meeting? Here’s Why You Should Have One…

Mike and Alicia Hernon from the Messy Family Project discuss with Drew and Katie Taylor the details of Catholic family life! The Family Board Meeting not only helps Catholic Couples learn how to create a family mission statement, they intentionally create a Catholic Family Culture! Mike and Alicia Hernon provide incredible resources, especially the Messy […]

teens start dating Pixar Short Perfectly Captures How Parents Feel When Teens Start Dating

Pixar Short Perfectly Captures How Parents Feel When Teens Start Dating

I’m hoping that I have at least a few years until my kids enter the world of dating. My older boys (thankfully!) still turn shades of red at the thought of liking a girl, but my first grader is a self-proclaimed “ladies’ man.” Though they are young, it is not too soon for me to start […]

catholic marriage tips and advice

An Extraordinarily Beautiful Video Series About The Value Of Family And Marriage

One of the most misunderstood teachings of our time is what the Catholic Church says about sexuality, marriage, and family life. The beauty of what our Church truly believes is often overshadowed by what the media distorts it to be. As a result, there is truly a lack of understanding of the value of family […]

Catholic Parents books and tips

Catholic Parenting Books And Tips

Catholic parents looking for spiritual insight and practical wisdom can find many tips in Catholic parenting books and Catholic resources on YouTube. Remember that the most important work you will ever do begins in the home! 6 Catholic Parenting Tips Drew and Katie Taylor continue with the Catholic Family Rule of Life series, watch part […]

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