The Anatomy Of All Priests |

The Anatomy Of All Priests


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The “Dump Him List” Might Save You or Your Friend from Dating Abuse

Crystalina Evert, learning from past experiences and mistakes, offers her “dump him list,” a list of more than a dozen signs that it’s time to let go of the relationship. If you hope to find lasting love, then it’s time to stop ignoring the red flags. Who is Crystalina Evert? Crystalina Evert is the founder […]

Theology of the Body Does The Catholic Church Believe Sex Is A Sin?

Does The Catholic Church Believe Sex Is A Sin?

How can you follow a Church that still believes that sex is a sin? This is the question one friend asks of another and thus begins a fantastic overview of John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Theology of the Body (TOB) is much more than just a theology of sex in the modern world; […]

created to be Will You Choose Comfortability Or Greatness? |

Will You Choose Comfortability Or Greatness?

The video that we are presenting is called “Defining a Prodigy.” It is an excellent reflection about the existing richness of each individual person and the importance of discovering one’s own vocation. We’ve asked some fellow Catholics to give you perspective on how this video can be applied to your life as a Christian. In his […]

37 Photos that Prove that Nuns Live Boring Lives

37 Photos That Prove That Catholic Nuns Are Not Boring At All

With today’s post, we hope to share a secret joy that few people ever come to know. It is the joy of a life totally dedicated to Christ. While any faithful Christian can experience this, I believe that those who the Lord calls to consecrate their lives in a special way receive in turn a […]

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Suffering Is The Way To Knowledge Of God |

Suffering Is The Way To Knowledge Of God.

Today I would like to share one of my favorite videos from the OBS page. It is a beautiful video with an important and timely message for our time: suffering is the path to knowledge of God. It’s hard to imagine a more irritating phrase for today’s culture. Can it possibly be true? How can suffering lead us […]

A Letter To God From A Dying Catholic Priest

A Letter To God From A Dying Priest

José Luis Martín Descalzo is a priest, a journalist, and a Spanish writer from a profoundly Christian family in which he was the youngest of four siblings. He completed degrees in History and Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He was ordained a priest in 1953. He worked as a professor and director […]

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