10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Online Evangelization

10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Online Evangelization


10 Do's And Don'ts Of Online Evangelization

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How do you make prayer fun for kids? Drew and Katie offer some practical tips for Catholic parents to incorporate prayer kids

How To Make Catholic Prayer Time Fun And Easy for Kids

How To Pray With Catholic Kids Today, we want to share a simple and easy bedtime prayer routine that anyone can incorporate into their family life. Bedtime can be a challenging time, and we understand the struggle of balancing the angelic reverence of your children with the reality of their energy. So, let’s dive into […]

Two Catholic men: Drew Taylor a Fighter Pilot and Marek Rudak a former Army Ranger and leadership consultant discuss leadership development

Catholic Leadership Development From An Army Ranger And Fighter Pilot

Two Catholic men: Drew Taylor an F-16 Fighter Pilot and Marek Rudak a former Army Ranger and leadership consultant discuss their leadership development in light of their Catholic faith. As Catholic leaders, they discuss how to develop practical leadership skills. In this episode, Marek Rudak discusses emotional intelligence and the power of journal writing to […]

“May Christ be heard in our language, may Christ be seen in our life, may He be perceived in our hearts.” - ST. PETER DAMIAN

May Christ Be Seen In Our Life | St. Peter Damian

“May Christ be heard in our language, may Christ be seen in our life, may He be perceived in our hearts.” – St. Peter Damian Photo by Katt Yukawa on Unsplash Related content: What Is Your New Year’s Purpose? Advice From Pope Francis About Using The Internet The Wonders Of Becoming Christ’s | St. Brendan […]

Why should Catholics go to Mass? Top 3 Secrets Of The Power Of Going To Mass? Fr. Rob shares his insights and encouragment

Top 3 Secrets Of The Power Of Going To Mass

Father Rob Adams answers why go to Catholic Mass? Going to Catholic Mass can be a spiritual experience that benefits your life in many ways. In this video, we’re going to explore some of the hidden benefits of Catholic Mass. From reconnecting with your spiritual side to gaining strength and courage, Catholic Mass has a […]

Join Katie for a Catholic movie review of The Hiding Place, a movie about the inspiring story of Corrie Ten Boom.

The Hiding Place: A Catholic Movie Review

Katie shares her thoughts on “The Hiding Place” in this week’s video. “Even as the angry vengeful thoughts boiled through me, I saw the sin of them. Jesus Christ had died for this man; was I going to ask for more? Lord Jesus, I prayed, forgive me and help me to forgive him….Jesus, I cannot […]

despicable me review

Despicable Me 4 Trailer Reaction From The Cinematic Catholic

Hey everyone, it’s Mateo Rivera, also known as the Cinematic Catholic, bringing you something a little different today. At Catholic Link, we’re huge fans of Illumination Studios and their fantastic family entertainment. So, when the trailer for Despicable Me 4 dropped, we couldn’t resist doing a reaction video. The trailer opens with the familiar sight […]

How do you know what the best things to give up for Lent this year are? Katie and Drew give insight to Catholics on what is good

Best Things To Give Up For Lent This Year!

What are the Best Things To Give Up For Lent this year? Drew and Katie will help you decide! Best Things To Give Up For Lent As we approach the season of Lent, it’s a time for introspection, prayer, and sacrifice. It’s a time to evaluate our priorities and align our actions with our deepest […]

Can Catholics watch Percy Jackson? Percy Jackson stands out as a beacon of true escapism, allowing viewers to immerse

Is PERCY JACKSON The Best Family Show On TV Right Now?? | Review UPDATE

January may be a slow month for movies, but there’s one series on Disney+ that has been making waves – Percy Jackson and the Olympians. As we eagerly await the finale, let’s take a moment to reflect on how well this show has held up after its strong start. Hi, I’m Mato Rivera, The Cinematic […]

Can Catholics get married outdoors? Fr. George shares his insights and thoughts on this common Catholic engaged couples question

Can Catholics Get Married Outdoors?

What are the concerns surrounding a Catholic outdoor wedding? Surprisingly, the Catholic Church has some valid reasons for discouraging weddings held outside the walls of the Church. It’s important to understand that the Church’s intention is not to disrupt your long-held dreams of this special day. To grasp the Church’s position on outdoor weddings, it’s […]

What are the most anticipated family movies coming out in 2024? The Catholic Movie Reviewer shares his thoughts and insights about the films

The Catholic Movie Reviewer Shares The Most Anticipated Family Movies Of 2024

Most Anticipated Family Movies Of 2024 Hey there, movie enthusiasts! Mato Rivera, The Cinematic Catholic, here, and I’m thrilled to share my excitement for the upcoming family movies in 2024. Let’s dive into my top 10 picks without further ado. “Ordinary Angels” | February 23rd Kicking off the list is “Ordinary Angels,” a touching true […]

What are the secrets of growing in holiness in marriage? Catholic couple Drew & Katie share their wisdom with tips and insights on prayer,

Couple Shares Secret About Holiness In Marriage

The other day, we were sitting in Mass, and I looked over at these Dominican sisters at our parish who are so amazing. They were all just praying, and one of them seemed to be levitating – they’re basically the holiest people ever. Then, I looked in our pew, which felt like a WWE wrestling […]

Find out why Illumination's new film Migration is a must see for Catholics and all families in this Catholic movie review of Migration

Migration Catholic Movie Review | Find Out Why It’s A Must-See!

What if I told you that there is a movie currently in theaters that beautifully and skillfully depicts how Christians are meant to live in this world? How? This films shows us that by embracing who God made us to be, we can lead fuller and richer lives. Intriguing, right? Now, what if I revealed […]

Here are ten tips Catholic young adults can use to find friends in their Church. There are other people who share your beliefs!

10 Ways Catholic Young Adults Can Make Friends At Church

Katie and Drew share their best tips for Catholic young adults to help them make friends at Church. They believe that friendships with Catholic young adults and young Catholic families are critical to their personal growth. But finding church friends, and even more so Catholic friends, can be challenging. Catholic friendships are so necessary in […]

How can Catholics read the Bible Daily? Dr. John Bergsma will share his essential tip in today's video. It's one anyone can do!

A Simple Hack To Help You Read The Bible Every Day

Dr. John Bergsma shares his advice on how to squeeze in reading the Bible every day! How To Read The Bible Every Day Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Does God care what you wear? Let's talk all about Catholic fashion and what personal style really is! Is there a right way to dress?

Does God Care What I Wear?

Does God care what you wear? Let’s talk all about Catholic fashion and what personal style really is! Is there a right way to dress for Catholics? Is fashion always vain? How do we make the invisible reality of our souls visible through our clothing? Theology of Style author Lillian Fallon joins Katie and Drew […]

Can a Catholic watch Percy Jackson? The series hints at themes like "hold fast and brave through the storm."

A Catholic Look at PERCY JACKSON | Episodes 1-2 REVIEW Disney+

In the world of book-to-screen adaptations, the involvement of the original author can be a double-edged sword. However, when it works, it truly works. I’m Matteo Rivera, The Cinematic Catholic, and today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the newly premiered Percy Jackson and the Olympians series on Disney+. Join me as we explore the […]

Should Catholics watch Wonka? Join Mateo for his Catholic review of Wonka and decide if this is something for your family to see

Should Catholics Watch WONKA? | Catholic Movie Review

Today I review WONKA, the prequel to the beloved 1971 chocolate classic! Unfortunately, I don’t think even the candyman can make the sunrise for this movie. I’m Mateo Rivera, The Cinematic Catholic, and today I’m here to share my thoughts on the much-anticipated film, “Wonka.” In this short and sweet review, I’ll delve into the […]

The Shift Catholic movie review

The Shift: Catholic Movie Review!

Drew and Katie are bringing you the quickest movie review ever because, well, life happened, and the whole family caught a bug last night. But, undeterred, we’re still excited to share our thoughts on the latest film from Angel Studios, “The Shift.” Let’s dive right in! “The Shift,” Angel Studios’s newest movie, set to premiere […]

Godzilla Catholic movie review

Why Catholics SHOULD Watch GODZILLA: MINUS ONE | Catholic Movie Review

You don’t want to miss this Catholic review of Godzilla: Minus One. Mateo is excited for this one y’all! Join us as he explains why Godzilla: Minus One is an excellent showcase on the value of life and a great example of media that Is good, beautiful, and true! When Bong Joon-ho made history by […]

Casting Crowns Home By Sunday: Mark Hall Interview!

Fan of Casting Crowns? In this video, Drew and Katie Taylor interview Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns about the new documentary, Home By Sunday. Hear his story and the amazing advice he has for young adults and your parents! If you’re a fan of Casting Crowns, then you’re definitely going to want to […]

Should Catholics play Spider-Man 2? Enjoy our first ever Catholic video game review and look for more to come!

Should Catholics Play SPIDER-MAN 2 (PS5)? | GAME REVIEW

The Advent season is starting this weekend, and I am so excited. This is my favorite time of year. With Advent comes the preparation for Christmas and, of course, Christmas lists. If you have children or loved ones who are into gaming, you may find the new video game Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 5 […]

Journey To Bethlehem? Catholic Movie Review Reveals Surprises And Warnings!

Join Drew and Katie Taylor on Catholic-Link as they provide a detailed movie review of “Journey to Bethlehem.” Discover the aspects they loved about the film and the important warnings they have for viewers. Don’t miss this insightful discussion that will deepen your appreciation for the movie. Subscribe now to Catholic-Link for more engaging content […]

catholic book dating

Gift And Grit With Andrew And Sarah Swafford

Drew and Katie Taylor talk with Andrew and Sarah Swaffod about their new book Gift and Grit: How Heroic Virtue Can Change Your Life and Relationships, published by Ascension. This is the Catholic relationship book, on how to date a Catholic and how to have virtuous Catholic friends! You can check Andrew and Sarah Swafford […]

Should Catholics see Wish? Find out in Mateo's Catholic review of Wish. Find out if this film is right for your family.

Should Catholics Watch WISH? | MOVIE REVIEW

Should Catholics Watch Disney’s new movie Wish? Join Mateo Rivera on Catholic-Link as he dissects the studio giant’s latest animated family feature and dives into what makes Disney such an iconic brand to begin with. Find out if Wish is truly a dream come true, or another generic sing-along. Should Catholics See Wish? | Catholic […]

Are you looking for Catholic Speakers to bring into your next parish event, retreat, or to your small group? Here's a list!

5 Catholic Speakers To Invite To Your Next Parish Event

Catholic Speakers all over are not just bringing refreshing, incredible talks to events, but also holy experiences.  Inviting a dynamic Catholic to come speak at your parish can be a refreshing event for the whole community.  You can find Catholic speakers in your area by going to catholicinfluencers.com.  Here are 5 Catholic Speakers who are inspiring others […]

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The Pope’s Intentions 2024

The Pope’s Intentions 2024

The Pope's Intentions 2024 JANUARYFOR THE GIFT OF DIVERSITY IN THE CHURCHLet us pray that the Spirit help us recognize the gift of different charisms within the Christiancommunity, and to discover the richness of different ritual traditions in the heart of the...

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