8 Great Tips To Grow In Holiness And Become A Saint!

8 Great Tips To Grow In Holiness And Become A Saint!

Infographic: 8 great tips to be holier

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5 Things Even Devout Catholics Can Do To Go Deeper In Discipleship

As Catholics, we have a desire to know the Lord, to deepen our relationship with God. To somehow invite Jesus Christ, who pursues us each personally, into every part of our lives.  I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. This is […]

Lent fail failures success goals Gospel reflection

How To Make Real Spiritual Progress In 2023

“Each day that begins, if welcomed in prayer, is accompanied by courage, so that the problems we have to face no longer seem to be obstacles to our happiness, but rather appeals from God, opportunities for our encounter with him.” Pope Francis We all know that we should pray every day. Prayer connects us to […]

martyrdom every day catholic

Four Practical Ways Catholics Can Embrace Martyrdom Each Day

When we think of the saints and martyrs, especially the first Christians, we struggle to conceptualize their experiences.  We don’t live in the same era, they seem “more Catholic” than us, and their level of holiness can feel unrelatable and unattainable. The magnitude of their sacrifice and their commitment to the name of Jesus can […]

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10 Ways Sport Positively Impacts Mental Health And Helps Develop Spiritual Disciplines 

Connotations surrounding sport can differ greatly. While sport has traditionally been a welcomed activity, it has more recent added benefits of being a terrific distraction from newer technology trends in the younger generations. This trend has been followed by other mental health issues on the rise: suicide, anxiety and depression, and eating disorders. Being physically […]

universal call to holiness catholic

What Is The Universal Call To Holiness And Why Should You Care?

Thirst and Perfection God thirsts for you. He desires you and He loves you. This thirst is universal and extends to every beloved created person. The Church shows forth this love of God for us and beckons us to be like Him. Regardless of our own state in life, our vocation, or circumstances, we are […]

catholic resources for lent catholic apps, catholic books, catholic resources

A Guide To The Best Catholic Lent Resources

Lent is less than a week away. Doesn’t it feel like we just finished taking all the Christmas decorations down? Now it’s already time to start preparing spiritually for the 40 days of Lent. It is important to set aside some time to pray, discern, and listen in order to understand what is it that […]

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how to make spiritual resolutions Catholic

Facing Jesus: How To Connect And Grow With Him This Year

It’s easy to fall away from prayer. There are many times when I will have a steady prayer life for a few weeks at a time, and then go months without reading my Bible. The only nourishment I get is going to Mass. I’ll feel the difference. It will feel as if God has moved […]

catholic God abandon suffering

This Short Film Showed Me That Even When I feel Abandoned, God Is There

When we go through moments of pain and difficulty, it is easy to blame God or feel abandoned by Him, so in this post, I want to talk about those moments in which pain makes us feel confused. When I was about seven years old, I was playing at home, running, until I fell down […]

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Holy Week To-Do List For Catholics

Holy Week To-Do List For Catholics

Holy Week To-Do List Go to Confession. Forgive people. Help others. Clean your house and your mind. Spend time in silence reflecting on the sacrifice Christ made for you. Stay strong in your Lenten fast. Learn about Holy Thursday. Learn about Good Friday. Learn about...

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