10 Patron Saints Of Random Causes

10 Patron Saints Of Random Causes 10 Patron Saints Of Random Causes

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St. Gianna Molla

Doctor, Mother, And Saint: Her Story Inspires And Empowers All Women

St. Gianna was born in Magenta (Milan) on October 4, 1922. A mother, wife, doctor, and an ardent lover of the Catholic faith in all areas of her life, she was a living witness of an authentic joie de vivre, passionate love of nature, and a spirit of charity and service. After having been married […]

Catholic Faith and Science are Compatible

10 Quotes Of Nobel Winning Scientists That Think Faith And Science Are Compatible

The other day I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Italian youth. I asked how many of them believe in God. One responded saying, “I don’t believe in religion; rather, I believe in science.” I love this response because it is a typical, yet fertile starting point for speaking about the faith, […]

Theology of the Body 10 Powerhouse Quotes From Theology Of The Body

10 Powerhouse Quotes From JPII’s Theology Of The Body

It’s summer and that means many couples will be entering into the Sacrament of Marriage. If you want to give a great gift to your future spouse, then I would suggest studying a bit of Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. You can find information and guides at the Theology of the Body […]

Pope John Paul II

St. John Paul II, The Life Of A Holy Pope (Animated Video)

What led St. John Paul II to greatness? Was it because of his apostolic success, his impressive figure, or his untiring travels? Why is he so beloved by Catholics? No doubt, all this is important, but it isn’t enough. John Paul the II has been recognized a saint for a different reason… Now, allow us […]

saints Quiz: Discover What Saint Would Like To Be Your Friend!

Quiz: Discover What Saint Would Like To Be Your Friend!

What’s the greatest part about being friends with the saints? It reminds us that the saints were normal people just like us. While we all have our unique stories, everyone can find a saint that has walked a path similar to our own. More than distant, unreachable models of perfection, they are men and women […]

Mother Teresa's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

Have You Watched Mother Teresa’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech?

In 1985 at the UN headquarters in New York, Mother Teresa was introduced by the UN secretary of the time, Javier Perez of Cuellar, as “the most powerful woman in the world”. How can this be said of a woman who dedicated her life to the least powerful (at least in the eyes of the world)? Let’s […]


Do Your Kids Want to be Saints When They Grow Up?

This video was made by Adcom to promote the Creative Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. As children, we dream impossible dreams. We do not calculate pros and cons; we just launch ourselves into action. As we grow older we learn that we need to be more careful, more realistic, but often we go even […]

Saints Prayer Quotes 6 Great Quotes By Saints And Popes On Prayer And Its Importance

6 Great Quotes By Saints And Popes On Prayer And Its Importance

For any sincere Christian and determined apostle, prayer is an absolute must. It isn’t rare that many seem to doubt in the power of prayer. In fact, I would say it is perhaps the fundamental temptation: God does not listen. Still, more times than not, we are lacking two key ingredients for a deeper and […]

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