How To Make A Cross With Palms (Easy Illustrated Guide!)

How to make a palm cross
How to use your palms to make a cross

How To Make A Cross With Palms

  1. Holding a palm strip fold the widest end in a loop.
  2. Bend the thin end of the palm to the right, ceasing a diagonal line.
  3. Fold the palm behind the cross. Secure the center with staple.
  4. Wrap the remainder of the palm over the top-right angle of the cross, bringing it straight across the back and over the top-left angle to the front. Cross it diagonally to the bottom-right corner.
  5. Weave the small remaining piece in the back under loops and tie it off. If needed, you can use another staple of a drop of glue.
  6. You can add ribbon or flower.
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