A Prayer Of Faith And Action In Times Of Fear!

A Prayer Of Faith And Action In Times Of Fear! Coronavirus Prayer

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Pray The “Veni, Creator Spiritus” On January 1 (New Year’s Day) For A Plenary Indulgence

Veni, Creator Spiritus | Catholic Prayer For New Year’s Day (January 1) Come, Holy Spirit, Creator blest, and in our souls take up Thy rest; come with Thy grace and heavenly aid to fill the hearts which Thou hast made. O comforter, to Thee we cry, O heavenly gift of God Most High, O fount […]

jesus gifts epiphany st. edith stein

The Three Gifts The Infant Jesus Asks Us For This Epiphany

 The Three Gifts The Infant Jesus Asks Us For This Epiphany Therefore we wanted to open ourselves and sought for a star to show us the right way. And it arose for us in the grace of vocation. We followed it and found the divine infant. He stretched out his hands for our gifts. He […]

Catholic Secret Santa Socially DIstanced

Socially Distanced Catholic Secret Santa

  Draw Names Here!   https://catholic-link.org/the-best-catholic-gifts-for-2021-giveaways/ 50+ Of 2020’s Best Catholic Gifts 12 Children’s Books To Read For The 12 Days Of Christmas   Related content: (Quiz) Can You Tell The Difference Between St. Nicholas And Santa Claus? My Secret Weapon | Mother Teresa How Is Jesus Different From Santa Claus? How To Measure Your […]

The Christmas Prayer By Pope John Pope John XXIII

The Christmas Prayer By Pope John XXIII

The Christmas Prayer O sweet Child of Bethlehem,grant that we may share with all ourhearts in this profoundmystery of Christmas.Put into the hearts of men and womenthis peace for which theysometimes seek so desperatelyand which you alone can give to them.Help them to know one another better,and to live as brothers and sisters,children of the […]

How to pray the rosary

Pope St. John Paul II’s Favorite Prayer

Do you need some help diving into the simplicity and depth of the Rosary? Check out our Youtube video on how to pray the Rosary better! How To Pray The Rosary Better Related content: St. John Paul II’s Favorite Prayer – The Rosary St. John Paul II, The Life Of A Holy Pope (Animated Video) […]

Praise God, Love God, Thank God Even When it is difficult to pray

Take Time To Pray, Even When Life Is Difficult

  https://donorb How To Use Your Rosary In The Battle Of Prayer Mother Teresa’s Daily Prayer | Radiating Christ Related content: These 8 Keys To Prayer Will Change The Way You Pray Bring Your Wishes And Your Worries To God How To Pray A Novena – A Visual Step By Step Guide 90 Ways To […]

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