A Prayer Of Faith And Action In Times Of Fear!

A Prayer Of Faith And Action In Times Of Fear! Coronavirus Prayer

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Jesus asks us many question in the Gospels. Use these questions from the Gospel of Mark for your prayer and meditation.

Questions Jesus Asks Us | Gospel Of Mark

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Gmail LinkedIn The Word of God is living and effective (Hebrews 4:12)! That means God is speaking to you through Scripture right now. The questions Jesus asked back then are relevant to you today. He’s not just asking Peter or Paul or the Pharisees these questions; in some way, He is also […]

Why are my prayers not answered? Dr. Papandrea offers Catholic advice and insights on what blocks God's grace

Why Aren’t My Prayers Answered? 3 Things The Block God’s Grace

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Gmail LinkedIn We sometimes wonder why our prayers are not answered in the way that we hope. And often, we will never know because there are so many variables, including the fact that we may actually be asking God for something that’s not good for us in the long run. Or we […]

online catholic bible study on prayer

Join A Catholic Online Small Group On Prayer: Oremus

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Gmail LinkedIn Oremus: A Guide to Catholic Prayer teaches you the essentials of an effective and fruitful prayer life. Over the course of eight weeks you will discover how to place yourself in the presence of God. Following the wisdom of the saints and the Tradition of the Church, you will learn […]

Catholic tv series to watch

Two New TV Series That Make Prayer A Priority

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Gmail LinkedIn The writers’ strike is over and many of us have been catching our favorite shows as they have returned to television on their respective networks.  There are also new shows that have premiered.  I caught the premiere of Tracker on CBS after the Superbowl and catch episodes on Paramount+ when I have […]

Feminine virtues

Prayer To Our Lady Of Sorrows For Holy Church

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Gmail LinkedIn O Mary, Mother of the Universal Church, Who didst consent to remain in exile upon earth after the Ascension of thy Divine Son, and for long years to be deprived of His visible presence, that thou mightest be the guide, the Mistress, and the loving Mother of the infant Church, […]

Catholic podcast for busy people

Prayer Life: Where To Begin

For someone who never runs, it’s improbable they will be able to hop up and run a marathon. To achieve such a feat, the aspiring runner must start running routinely, daily, and little by little. The same applies for the prayer life: we can neither be ove

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Holy Week To-Do List For Catholics

Holy Week To-Do List For Catholics

Holy Week To-Do List Go to Confession. Forgive people. Help others. Clean your house and your mind. Spend time in silence reflecting on the sacrifice Christ made for you. Stay strong in your Lenten fast. Learn about Holy Thursday. Learn about Good Friday. Learn about...

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