Myriam is an Iraqi Christian whose family had to flee their home near Mosul when ISIS took control of their town in mid 2014. They fled to Irbil, a safer area of the autonomous region of Kurdistan where they live as refugees. She told her story to Essam Nagy, the presenter of one of SAT-7 KIDS’ most popular programmes called ‘Why is that?’, when he visited Irbil at Christmas 2014

“Sometimes I cry because we left our home, and Qaraqosh. I’m not angry at God because we left Qaraqosh. I thank him because he provided us, even if we’re suffering here, he provides for us.”

What beautiful faith! And, as one blogger wrote recently: How desperate is the world to see such real witness of the Church of Christ! Christ embodied a philosophy of life while ISIS embodies a philosophy of death. This is such an opportune time for Christians to be true ambassadors for Christ’s philosophy of life.

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35 Photos that Show the Power of Faith of the Persecuted Church in Iraq

Let us remember that God always works in our lives, but He often does so amidst the most difficult circumstances. In reading the Old Testament, for example, one can’t help but note how the moments of greatest affliction, of greatest geopolitical “failure”, the People of God grew and prospered (Ex 1:12). And what else can we say when looking upon our crucified King? In the greatest darkness, appears the greatest light, a light that can only be attributed to God for no other source is possible. This is the Christian dynamic.

As baptized Christians, we must allow God’s grace to transform our lives and our way of looking upon reality in general. In doing so, we too can look and speak as this young Myriam has done. This does not, of course, imply, some sort of of false pacifism, or a mere passive acceptance of the situation. I believe a global and effective response is necessary; but the heart of it all must be forgiveness, not revenge.  For this, I have no doubt that her heart of mercy and her words of faith can truly change the wo