3 Reasons You Should Consecrate Your Family To St. Joseph

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So…why should you consecrate your family to St. Joseph?

3 Reasons You Should Consecrate Your Family to St. Joseph

  1. There is a battle waging against your family

“The final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family.”

—Sister Lucia of Fatima

Friends, God has repeatedly shown us the importance of family.  In the beginning, He created man and woman to be in perfect union with their offspring.  He valued prophets with faithful spouses and blessed them with children as a sign of his covenant.  He, in His perfect trinitarian love, is modeled in the family.  And He redeemed the world through the Holy Family.

Because God so loves family, Satan works hard to attack the family.  But St. Joseph can be your strongest advocate.  

  1. He is the Guardian of the Redeemer and Spouse of our Mother

As the head of the Holy Family, the faithful husband to our Blessed Mother, and the Guardian of Christ our Savior in his infancy and childhood, St. Joseph is surely the man who can protect our families. 

God the Father trusted St. Joseph to care for His beloved Son.  Therefore, we can be assured that He trusts St. Joseph to care for us as well.

Consecrating our families to St. Joseph is a way of entrusting our wellbeing to the man who protected, led, and provided for the Holy Family.

  1. He is the model of virtue in action

When St. Joseph was charged with the task of honoring his marital commitment to Mary through the virtue of chastity and with the challenge of bringing his family safely to Egypt to escape the violence of King Herod through the virtue of courage, St. Joseph responded with action.  Listening to these messages from the angel, St. Joseph took Mary into his home and later protected Jesus by relocating the home that they had built.

In consecrating our families to St. Joseph, we promise to emulate his willingness and practice of putting our faith in God into action.  Not only do we strive to be faithful in prayer, but also in how we live our daily lives.  St. Joseph models for us how to align our wills with the Lord’s.

Go To Joseph and Go To Joseph for Children

What you desire in your home: happiness, wholeness, and holiness for your spouse and for your children is possible. God has given us all St. Joseph to guide our families…just like he guided and guarded the Holy Family.

That is why we wrote the adult book Go To Joseph and Go To Joseph for Children.  That is why we want to bring the gift of Consecration to St. Joseph to everyone.  That is why we wrote these books for families.

In these books, we share Gospel passages that highlight the life of St. Joseph, quotes from Saints who have honored St. Joseph, practical reflections, family discussion questions, and daily prayers. All to prepare you and your children to consecrate yourselves to the protection and care of St. Joseph.

Jaimee Keogler from The Simple Saints shared her talent and creativity to visually guide the children through the consecration with her beautiful art. 

Consecration to St. Joseph isn’t just another Catholic devotion. It is the devotion that epitomizes what spiritual growth and virtue needs to look like in order to effect real transformation in us, in our families, and in the world.  It is our battle cry.

We pray that you take St. Joseph on as your guide and protector as you strive to help your families become what God made you to be.  We pray that through the intercession of The Terror of Demons and The Guardian of the Redeemer, the final battle may be won in your soul, your home, and the world.