Christmas Greeting From The Catholic-Link Team

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The message that we find in today’s video is clear enough: Christmas is about Jesus. Amongst all the gifts, the wrappings, the fruitcakes, the visits to Santa Claus, and everything else, don’t forget this essential point.

A good way to tell if you have or have not, is by looking at how you are living this Christmas. What you are celebrating will always be reflected in how you celebrate.

As such, find time to pray, to be recollected, to remember and perceive that God continues to be with you today, in this very moment. Then, find ways to encourage those around you to do the same. Remind them to be silent and listen to God by the way you listen and care for what’s going on in their lives. Remind them to be thankful by your joy for all the blessings you have received. Remind them to be love by your acts of friendship and generosity.

Christmas In A Nutshell

This year, let the phrase “Merry Christmas” be more than a simple greeting. Let it be a concrete goal for which we strive. Let us go and bring the transforming joy of Christ out into the world and into the lives of all those around us.

All of us from the Catholic-link team would like to extend our best wishes and our prayers for you this Christmas. Just as Mary and Joseph were searching for a place to give birth to the Savior, God is searching for our hearts to be open to Him. Let’s make sure that the doors of our hearts are not closed and unwilling to take them in. They aren’t expecting majestic halls or elaborate decorations. They need our hearts just as they are: with their weakness and strengths, with their stable-link simplicity together with all the disorder and mess that comes with it. All they ask is for our hospitality and hope, hospitality to welcome the baby Jesus with tenderness, hope that this child might truly become the king of our lives. It’s not to0 much to ask. Let us beg God to grant us this humble disposition so as to live out fully the meaning and joy of this Christmas!

May God bless you all,

Catholic-Link Team.

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