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As technology has advanced so have the resources available to Catholics today to enrich their faith. One such area of growth has been in the area of podcasts. Across all genres, the number of people listening to podcasts and those creating the content for podcasts has increased significantly in recent years.

Riding that wave of growth is an apostolate that began in Lexington. Kentucky but now reaches all corners of the United States and beyond. Breadbox Media is a Catholic podcasting network with a current lineup of 40 plus shows. The mission of Breadbox Media is to provide Catholics with one centralized location to discover Catholic podcasts that will enrich their faith.

Breadbox Media

The lineup offered on Breadbox Media spans the gambit of Catholic offerings including:

Liturgy Live Our own Catholic-Link Podcast! A conversation diving into the Sunday readings hosted by Alanna Burg and Fr. Ian Van Heusen

All Things Are Possible with God hosted by award-winning Christian artist John Michael Talbot

Lisa Hendey and Friends an interview format show hosted by Catholic author Lisa Hendey

Triumphs and Tragedies a 20-part show on the history of the Catholic Church hosted by Father Dwight Longenecker

The Popcorn Cathedral takes a look at Christian themes in modern movies hosted by noted Christian author Rod Bennett.

Coffee and Pearls and Catholic Minimalism hosted by Sterling Jaquith

These are merely a sampling of what Breadbox Media offers from shows targeting both men and women and the issues they face, as well as daily and weekly scripture reflections, as well as a number of interview style, shows available on the network that covers all Catholic faith topics imaginable.

How does one get the content?

The first step is to visit Breadbox Media at Browse the homepage and explore the currently 40 plus shows available. Choose the show(s) that interest you and visit their host site. From there you can subscribe to the show feed via iTunes, iHeart, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or if you are tech savvy, by plugging the RSS feed into your favorite podcast aggregator. For those less techy or who wish to have everything in one convenient place download the Breadbox Media app for Apple or Android devices. Every show and episode archive is available in the app.

Podcasts are a great way to expand your knowledge in the Catholic faith.  Breadbox Media provides simple tools to aid in your journey.


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