Advent Is Your Invitation To Live In The Now

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This year, let’s remember that Advent is an invitation.

Here’s what I mean. 

All year long we have been living in the future. We have been fixated and focused on that elusive someday when things will be back to normal, when we can get together again and hug and sing. That day when the churches will be packed again and we will have something better to do than watch the news with a heart full of dread.

Someday… All of our energy and longing is directed toward that someday.

But with all of our attention on someday, what is happening to today?

Years back while receiving the sacrament of reconciliation a priest challenged me to stay in ‘the now.’

A pushy little Polish man, he refused to let me just shake my head and say ‘okay.’ 

“No,” he said, his finger pointing right between my eyes. “God is not in your past regrets. And He isn’t in your plans for the future. God is here. God is now. And if you don’t spend any time here and now, you will miss Him.”

…you will miss Him…

All these years later those words still ring in my ears.

Like strangers passing in a crowd, I was completely missing God.

And after all that we have been through this year, I’m just plain sick of missing God. I need Him now more than ever, and so does my family.

Therefore, for you and for me, this year’s Advent is an invitation.

Advent, the season of waiting and hope. Advent, the season of small flames flickering in the darkness.

Advent is inviting us to stop and wait in the now.

Advent is an invitation to stop missing God.

But how? 

Advent is not the time for vague good intentions. After all, we all know where vague good intentions get us: nowhere.

Advent is the time for a systematic plan that will get you and your family into the habit of praying each and every day. 

This is the invitation of Advent. 

The question now is how will you respond?

To help you respond boldly to the invitation of Advent, here are some resources for you and for your family.

Advent Resources For Families

Names of Jesus Advent Chain (free)

Jesse Tree (this is what we did as a family for YEARS and loved it!)

Nativity Trail (this is what my family will be doing)

Advent Resources For Women

Maranatha from Blessed Is She (this is what I will be doing!)

The Reed of God (with Study Guide!) I read this last year but plan to re-read with this study guide this year.

But whatever you decide, just make sure that you stop and be with God, here and now, this Advent season.

Find out more at

More Advent Resources

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