5 Videos To Help You Live The Entire Christmas Season

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Last year we launched Advent Avalanche for our Advent campaign; featuring videos from around the web showing the true meaning of the season as a time for preparation and anticipation for the coming of the Lord Jesus. We had quite an outstanding set, with a range of concepts that gave a clear message about Advent. For this post we bring you the top five videos we highly recommend you watch and share this season.

5 Videos To Help You Live The Entire Christmas Season

5. One Solitary Life

Told using hundreds of paper cutouts, this is the story of the life of Christ like you’ve never seen. Beautifully created by Likable Art for Lifeteen.

4. Music Video by Hillsong United

Australian band Hillsong United gives a fresh take on Christmas songs in “A Savior Is Born” by giving it a pop-rock edge. On the No. 4 spot is the music video of the son featuring the story of a group of children looking for treasures. Did they find any? Go figure.

3. An Unexpected Christmas

Ever wonder how the Father came up the idea of having His Son come down to be among us? You will never expect how the whole process. Claiming the No. 3 spot is bold and a rather cute venture on how the Father came up with the idea of Christmas. “Brilliant, they wouldn’t be expecting that!”, you will never look back!

2. A Christmas Story

Featuring cute kids playing Mary and Joseph and the rest of the characters that makes up the Nativity scene. Get ready for some cuteness overload.

1. He Came Down

There is a massive amount of videos out there on the web depicting the Christmas story, but this one is our favorite. Claiming the top spot is a video on the greatest story ever told, the story of our salvation, the Christmas Story, told by children who reveal the true joy of Our Lord.

That wraps up our feature on our top 5 videos for Christmas. We hope you enjoyed the videos and picked up something that can help you observe this season with a clear idea of its true meaning. We recommend that we share it with your family and friends also on Facebook and Twitter. 

Remember, this is just the beginning of the Christmas Season for Catholics! Live it out!

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