Let every knee bow… in a shopping center?!

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Here at CL, we strive to do our job, and to do it well. We search for videos, categorize them, then, with comments and links, we offer some helpful resources. It’s important work, but insufficient.

There are certain times in the year where we need a push, a greater impulse, a certain vitality, that only reinforcements can provide. I’m talking about a time like Advent; a time where we prepare ourselves for an Encounter that can radically change the lives of believers and non believers,

I’m talking about a joined force that can have the potency of an AVALANCHE!

An avalanche: a massive, unexpected force that grows exponentially, a force that fills our walls with the cleanest snow and, when it has passed, that allows us to raise ourselves a few inches higher so as to witness the Lord’s coming with a great perspective. We here at Catholic-link propose to you to arm an AVALANCHE of apostolic videos that will fill the social networks, helping thousands upon thousands of people to prepare themselves for Christmas… What do you think? We’re prepared to seek out and find the highest quality “powder.” Then, we’ll place the little ball of snow on the top of the mountain…. then, together, we can throw ourselves full force into the task of covering every inch of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, any and all networks that needed to be reminded that there truly is a God, and that He is coming!

We’ve already started things rolling with the two earlier videos. Here, we’re launching the third. Are you afraid to spread the Good News? Are there “places” in your life where you close the doors to Christ? If Christ were to appear in your life, in the middle of all the activity, the shopping, the work, the organization… would you bow and rejoice?

The Lord is certainly coming, but will our doors be open? And those of our neighbor? It’s up to us to remind them! Spread the word! Start the Avalanche!


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