6 Things That Make This Young Adult Ministry One of The Best In The World

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Studies show that the first five years of our lives are the most critical for our human development. Not surprisingly, this is a crucial time for undergoing brain development, language skills, and physical growth.

But studies also show that this is not the only stage of our lives critical to our becoming. 

8 out of 10 life decisions that will determine the track of the rest of a person’s life occur in their 20s. These decisions include selecting a career, finding a place to live, choosing a partner, starting a family, the pursuit of religion and/or spirituality, and more. The first 10 years in the workforce are the most significant in determining the salary an individual will make throughout the rest of their lives. Personalities experience more change in one’s 20s than any other decade. Female fertility peaks at age 28. In fact, the brain experiences its second and final growth spurt in a person’s 20s as it rewires itself for adulthood.

It goes without saying this that is oftentimes an anxiety-ridden time for young people, especially amongst a society that emphasizes self-reliance and secularism, and tells them over and over again that success can only come from within. 

In the midst of navigating life’s twists and turns throughout this so-called “defining decade,” a certain young adult ministry has stepped up to meet those twenty-somethings in the midst of all this uncertainty right where they are at. 

They are on a mission to proclaim boldly to these young people that they are not alone – that there is indeed a God who knows and loves them, and who is on an undying pursuit of a relationship with them.

In Kansas City, City on a Hill exists to become the community that inspires and forms this generation to be saints. 

As an apostolate of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, City on a Hill is comprised of over 1,500 young adults from across the metro area. City on a Hill offers a wide variety of events for young adults to attend, all with the underlying purpose of cultivating holiness. 

6 Ways City On A Hill Brings Mission To Life

1 – Large Formal Events 

It’s safe to say there are a plethora of events to mark on the calendar for the City on a Hill community, but perhaps “Tuesdays at the Boulevard” and “KC Underground” are the two crowd favorites. Whether a night of fellowship, food and drinks at the Boulevard Brewery sounds up your alley or a candlelit holy hour of contemplative praise is more your speed, there is something for everyone. 

And for those hoping to meet that special someone? City on a Hill offers a new approach to speed-dating. “Dating Fast” exists to cultivate a dating culture that encourages eligible Catholic singles to enjoy brief dates with the intention of forming connections that lead to Christ-centered relationships.

2 – Catholic Challenge Sports League 

Who says Catholics can’t get a little competitive? CCS is a sports league that offers sand volleyball, flag football, dodgeball, kickball, soccer, and softball during different seasons of the year. Game on!

3 – Small Groups

With 12 men’s groups and 21 women’s groups, authentic friendships are blooming in every corner of Kansas City. With content rooted in Scripture and a format that cultivates accountability, these groups provide smaller-setting communities striving for holiness in the modern world. 

4 – The City on a Hill Podcast 

We believe the best young adults are involved with City on a Hill – so we asked them to sit behind a microphone and share their stories with us. We hope the life and stories shared will inspire others to strive for sainthood. 

Take a listen to the Catholic Bytes Podcast with City on a Hill’s Fr. Andrew Mattingly to learn more!

5 – Spiritual Direction 

Believe it or not, everyone and their mom is asking for it these days. City on a Hill offers unique one-on-one opportunities to deepen daily prayer life, cultivate virtue, discern God’s will regarding big decisions, and boldly spread the Gospel in the midst of the world.

6 – “The Map” 

“The Map” is one of City on a Hill’s most unique offerings – it’s a digital map that features all of the active, organic communities of young adults in our city. And there is an open invite! Whether you are interested in feeding the homeless, spending time with other married couples, playing disc golf, or grabbing a beer with a couple of other kindred spirits, there are places (and people) on “The Map” for everyone. 

To check out more about City on a Hill, what we offer, or how to contact us, go to  https://www.kansascityonahill.org/. 

Stay up-to-date on everything we are up to by giving us a follow on Facebook or Instagram.

Interested in supporting our mission financially? Consider becoming a monthly donor of a Hill here. 

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