What’s The Church’s True Position On Same Sex Attraction?

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In light of pride month, we would like to share this video. Spirit Juice Studios and Fr. Claude Burns (aka Fr. Pontifex) offers us a compelling presentation of the Church’s view and attitude towards people who experience same-sex attraction.

“The topic of homosexuality and the issues around same-sex marriage are very charged in our culture right now. The goal of this video is to communicate what the Church teaches about this topic. However, as the title would suggest, the underlying sentiment throughout the whole presentation is that the Church is a refuge of love for all of humanity.”

Those that would say that the Church is “anti-gay” are either misinformed or deliberately distorting the truth to push their own agenda.

Fr. Pontifex – Yest To You

For all those who watch this video, please understand that the lasting message of “Yes To You” is to let you know that right where you are, with all of your questions, challenges, and struggles, the Church indeed says yes to you. You are welcomed and you are loved. We are all in this together.”

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