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Father Stu opened in theaters on April 13th, 2022. Based on a true story, Father Stu is an uplifting drama about a lost soul who took the long road to find purpose. Stuart Long (played by Catholic actor Mark Wahlberg) an agnostic wrestler turned wannabe actor reminds us all that God will never give up on us. Katie and Drew share their Catholic review of Father Stu in the video below.

Father Stu Catholic Movie Review

I set out to make a film that celebrates the common virtues of all or most faiths: love, forgiveness and gratitude, and that salutes man’s extraordinary capacity for change. Change that doesn’t ask for acknowledgment. Change that is quiet, unglamorous, and imperfect, but committed. Change that doesn’t ask for approval, but is brought to bear in a person’s heart. I strove to make a film that felt real—course language, shameful behavior, messy relationships and all, and yet also slightly elevated, taking its tonal cue from Stu’s quixotic, irreverent nature. I hope I made a film that inspires, provokes and entertains—a “faith-based” film that’s anything but sanctimonious, but above all, I hope I honored the spirit and legacy of a man who touched many hearts and lives, all of whom remember him as one of a kind.

ROSALIND ROSs (Director Of Father Stu)

Why Is Fr. Stu Rated R?

In a statement about Father Stu the Diocese of Helena wrote, “Viewers should be warned that the film contains objectionable language, violence, and adult content. However, it’s our hope that the redemptive story of Fr. Stu’s conversion will invite viewers to faith and strengthen believers. Bishop George Thomas, who ordained Father Stu to the priesthood and Bishop Austin Vetter, the current Bishop of Helena agreed; Father Stu—raw and unfiltered, combative and grace-filled, witnesses to the truth that no one is ever beyond the reach of redemption.”

When Katie and Drew had the opportunity to speak with Mark Wahlberg, he also shared why Father Stu is rated R.

Who Should See Father Stu?

Father Stu isn’t appropriate for children because of the objectionable language and some crude humor. However, teenagers will likely enjoy this film and it will open the door for good discussion in your home. Thankfully, Father Stu lacks the cheesiness typically found in Christian films. This makes it a wonderful movie to invite friends, family, and neighbors who may be struggling with their own beliefs to see with you.

What To Discuss After Seeing Father Stu

  1. What inspired you the most about the life of Fr. Stuart Long?
  2. How can we make people who are similar to the younger Stuart Long feel comfortable in our churches? How do you think people may have responded to him when he first started going to Mass?
  3. Many of the side characters in Father Stu were on their own faith journey. Did you relate to any of them?
  4. What did Father Stu teach you about: mercy, forgiveness, perseverance, and suffering?
  5. Who do you know who might benefit from seeing Father Stu with you?

Pray With Father Stu‘s Favorite Prayers

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