The Power Of Mary’s Femininity And How To Be Her Spiritual Daughter

In a recent episode of the Catholic Link show, host Drew and Katie Taylor welcomed Megan Madden, a homeschooling mother of six and author of “Mary, Teach Me to Be Your Daughter.” The conversation centered on the significance of Mary in the Catholic faith and how she leads believers closer to Jesus.

Megan emphasized that Mary holds a special place in Catholic devotion because she was given to us by Jesus from the Holy Cross. As our mother, Mary intimately knew Christ, and through devotion to her, Catholics can deepen their understanding of Jesus. Early Church fathers also expressed a profound love for Mary, recognizing her role in drawing believers closer to her son.

Both Drew and Katie shared personal experiences of how they found solace and guidance through Mary, particularly through the Rosary. Megan echoed their sentiments, acknowledging that while she grew up Catholic, she initially felt intimidated by Mary’s perfection and regal status. However, through daily prayer and meditation, especially with the Rosary, Megan discovered Mary’s gentle guidance, leading her closer to Jesus.

The conversation then delved into Megan’s own journey of developing a spiritual relationship with Mary. Born on October 13th, the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, Megan always felt a connection to Mary. However, it wasn’t until adulthood, during her studies in Austria and Poland, that she deeply explored what it means to be a woman through the lens of Mary’s example.

Megan’s book, “Mary, Teach Me to Be Your Daughter,” delves into this exploration, highlighting how the ultimate fulfillment of femininity and womanhood lies in imitating Mary’s example of devotion to Jesus. By embracing Mary as a spiritual mother, believers can learn to emulate her virtues and draw closer to Jesus. Through prayer, meditation, and imitation of Mary’s virtues, Catholics can experience the transformative power of her maternal love.

Take a listen and enjoy!

The Power Of Mary’s Feminity

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(The transcript of this YouTube interview was summarized with the help of ChatGPT to create text for the introduction to the video.)

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