Most Pastors Don’t Know They Can Do This For Their Parish

This weekend, I’m doing something a bit unconventional, something that many priests may not realize they have the authority to do. I’m moving the feast of our patron saint, St. Francis of Assisi, to Sunday Mass.

Now, you might wonder why we have the power to do this. Well, it’s not just about convenience, though that’s part of it. It’s about giving our parishioners the opportunity to truly celebrate the patron feast of our Parish.

St. Francis’s feast day fell on a Wednesday this year, but I’ve decided to move it to the weekend. This way, everyone in our community can participate, and we can truly immerse ourselves in honoring St. Francis.

Patron Saints

But beyond the logistics, I want to delve into the deeper significance of patron saints. In the secular world, a patron is someone who helps you gain access to situations you wouldn’t normally be a part of. It’s like being invited to a prestigious event where you feel you don’t quite belong.

Similarly, in the spiritual realm, patron saints act as mediators, helping us access the graces and blessings of God. They advocate for us before the throne of God, just as friends might intercede for us in prayer.


Saints As Mediators

Now, some might question why we need patron saints when Jesus is our ultimate mediator. But just as we ask our friends and fellow Christians to pray for us, we can ask the saints to intercede on our behalf. It’s not a replacement for Christ’s mediation but an extension of it, a communal sharing in the work of salvation.

The whole point of Christianity is not just about individual salvation but about becoming like God, allowing His life to transform us. Patron saints play a crucial role in this journey, guiding us, praying for us, and helping us navigate life’s challenges.

Let’s embrace the rich tradition of patron saints and allow their example to inspire and guide us on our journey of faith. And let’s remember that we are part of a larger body of Christ, both in heaven and on earth, all working together towards our ultimate goal of union with God.

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YouTube transcript transcribed with the use of ChatGPT. Video was recorded October 6, 2023.

Photo by Dawn McDonald on Unsplash

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