How To Find The Peace Of God

What are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how do we grow in them? Specifically, Drew Taylor, looks at the fruit of the Spirit, peace. He applies this to the lives of High School students by providing a sermon on the peace of God at a Catholic Youth Group. He provides insights from his experience as a Catholic parent and examples from his Catholic marriage. Drew, discusses peace and preparation as keys to receiving the gift God wants to give us through the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The truth is uniting our will to that of God’s is the key to finding happiness, true joy, and a sense of lasting peace in suffering and conflict!

How To Find The Peace Of God

Finding Peace

Interior peace is of two kinds: one in the heart or will and the other in the mind or intellect. They are closely connected but they are not the same. Peace of heart for the believing Christian is the absence of conflict between his will and that of others and ultimately between his will and the will of God. My heart is at peace when I want what God wants, when I desire only what He desires. It is in this sense that the inspired writer asks and does not have to answer his own question addressed to God, “Who has ever resisted Your will, O Lord, and been at peace?” There was no need for a reply. The answer is no one. – Fr. John Hardon

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