Heather Khym’s Marriage Advice For Young Catholics Is Amazing

The Abiding Together Podcast’s Heather Khym joins Drew and Katie Taylor from Catholic-Link.org to share Catholic marriage advice. This is an incredible conversation about how to heal in marriage as well as practical tips to work on your marriage when you are exhausted or feel like you have no time.

Marriage Advice For Young Catholics

A Brief Summary of Heather Khym’s Catholic Marriage Advice

When you have faith that God can move mountains in your life and that He desires good things for you, it changes everything. It changes how you approach healing, how you approach your relationships, and how you approach your own story. So, to someone who is in that stage of realizing the wounds and struggles in their marriage or preparing for marriage, I would say start by sharing your story with each other. Be compassionate and gracious towards each other’s wounds and struggles, recognizing that we all have a story with layers of experiences and wounds.

Seek out good counseling and a supportive community that will walk alongside you, pray for you, and hold you accountable. Look for resources like books, podcasts, and videos that can inspire and mentor you in your journey towards healing and growth. And most importantly, ask for the gift of faith, because faith is what enables us to believe that God can truly bring healing and restoration into our lives. It’s not always easy, and it’s definitely a journey, but with faith and support, miracles can happen.

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