Exodus 90 – Why Asceticism Will Transform Your Marriage

Over 45,000 men have gone through Exodus 90, a spiritual exercise entailing prayer, asceticism, and fraternity lived out in an intense and intentional way. Check out https://exodus90.com/ today, and join us as Drew and Katie Taylor interview Nathaniel Binversie, the Director of Content for Exodus 90, Exodus 91, and Exodus 7!

This week Catholic-Link’s Drew and Katie Taylor sit down with Nathaniel Binversie, the Director of Content for Exodus 90. They discuss the practical implications for how Exodus90 will affect your marriage. Exodus 90 Asceticism, will bring a new element to your marriage. The founder of Exodus 90, James Baxter, has developed a Catholic Spiritual Exercise for men. It will bring the fullness of the Chrisitan life through prayer, asceticism, and fraternity. Want to learn what is asceticism, why is fasting good for you and why are cold showers good for you, take a listen! Exodus 90 exercise, will challenge men to reach their full potential. Because the Exodus 90 program, provides the answer for how to find freedom from addiction. Spiritual exercise, helps men become the spiritual head of the household. Catholic men cannot be the spiritual head without living out these principles. Katie Taylor helps answer, what a spouse should know about Exodus 90 and the impact of Exodus 90 on marriage, and as a spouse why I want my husband to do Exodus 90. Bottom line, this will tell you why do Exodus 90, and why you are called to the spiritual exercise men. Be assured Exodus90 marriage, will change your marriage! Also don’t miss Exodus 91, three years of incredible follow-on formation, and Exodus 7 for fast challenges to start experiencing this freedom! ***QUESTION of the DAY – What do you think would be the hardest part of Exodus 90? Cold showers? No snacking? No alcohol? No watching TV? Let us know!

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