Catholic Parenting Mistakes We’ve Made So You Don’t Have To!

Nancy Bandzuch from Catholic Sprouts discusses The Catholic Parent! Nancy shares Catholic parenting advice as we discuss the biggest parenting mistakes we have made and the best Catholic parenting tips! Join us in this video as we explore the reality of teaching faith to children. Despite our best intentions, it doesn’t always turn out as we expect! Subscribe for more relatable stories and insights on parenting. Nancy is the founder of Catholic Sprouts Podcast and the author of many books! This episode focuses on Catholic parenting, raising Catholic children in the mists of chaotic Catholic family life! We discuss Mass, Confession, Generosity, Suffering, and much much more! As a Catholic mom of six she understands raising Catholic kids! This conversation is for all Catholic parents raising catholic families! It helps to hear what Catholic parenting mistakes others have made so you don’t have too and instead you can find the best Catholic parenting tips! As we form a commuinty for Catholic parents to find hope and reassurance we pray this blesses your Catholic family.

Video Transcript: Catholic Parenting Mistakes We’ve Made So You Don’t Have To

One thing I always believed I could improve upon was teaching the faith in a more organic way. In my mind, it would be this beautiful experience where children would gather around me, eagerly listening to saint stories with angelic smiles. However, that wasn’t the reality in my household. Instead, like many Catholic parents, I often felt like I was making things up as I went along. It’s a daunting responsibility, and sometimes it feels like we’re completely out of our depth.

Hey everyone, welcome to the Catholic Link Show! I’m Drew, and I’m here with Katie Taylor. We hope this time will be your link to living the faith like never before. Today, we have Nancy Banach on the show. She’s the founder of Catholic Sprouts, an apostolate focused on helping parents build and lead their own domestic Church. Nancy teamed up with the Augustine Institute to create a series called “The Catholic Parent,” which we’ll be discussing today. It’s an incredible resource for any Catholic parent trying to navigate their role in passing on the faith. Welcome to the show, Nancy!

Thanks, I’m so glad to be here! It’s fun to have a married couple to talk to.

Absolutely! In this episode, we want to discuss the mistakes we’ve made as parents and how we’ve grown from them. Hopefully, sharing our experiences can help others on their journey and provide reassurance that they’re not alone.

Before we dive in, Nancy, could you share a bit about your story and how you started Catholic Sprouts?

Sure! When my oldest was born almost 13 years ago, I quit my job to stay home with him. I quickly realized how challenging it could be, especially with my husband working long hours. I sought community online and stumbled upon the world of Catholic mommy bloggers. This community challenged me intellectually and became a source of inspiration during those challenging early years of motherhood. Eventually, I started my own podcast, Catholic Sprouts, initially as a way to teach my own children about the faith. It was born out of a sense of failure as I struggled to live up to my idealized image of teaching the faith organically to my kids. But through the podcast, I discovered I wasn’t alone in this struggle, and it grew from there.

That’s incredible! It’s amazing how sometimes our greatest challenges lead to unexpected blessings. How did you end up partnering with the Augustine Institute for “The Catholic Parent” series?

The Augustine Institute reached out to me initially for kids’ content, but during our conversations, we realized we shared a common vision for creating authentic resources for Catholic parents. We wanted to address the real struggles and challenges parents face in passing on the faith to their children. There’s a lack of resources specifically tailored to parents, despite the critical role they play in their children’s faith formation. So, we decided to collaborate on “The Catholic Parent” series to provide practical guidance and support for Catholic parents at every stage of their journey.

That’s such an important initiative! It’s vital to support parents in their role as the primary educators of their children in the faith. Can you share a bit about your experience with Catholic Sprouts and how it has impacted families?

Absolutely! Meeting families and hearing how Catholic Sprouts has become a part of their daily routine has been incredibly humbling. I remember one moment when a young boy recognized me as “Miss Nancy from Catholic Sprouts,” and it was a surreal experience. It made me realize the profound impact we can have on families, even in small ways. While I may not focus on numbers, knowing that parents trust me to speak directly to their children every day is a tremendous responsibility and honor. It’s something I constantly strive to live up to and a reminder of the importance of authentic, relatable resources for Catholic families.

It’s inspiring to hear how your journey has unfolded and the impact you’ve had on so many families. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Nancy!

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