5 Ways To Statistically Prevent Divorce

Want to avoid divorce? Perhaps you’re already married and seeking ways to statistically reduce your chances of marital breakdown. Drew and Katie Taylor, leveraging their expertise with Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling and Theology, provide insightful and practical advice on fostering a thriving marriage. Drawing from their personal experiences and professional backgrounds, they highlight five key behaviors that can significantly improve your marital bond and decrease the likelihood of divorce.

As a child of divorce, Katie is deeply committed to promoting a growth mindset within relationships, aiming to nurture faithful family cultures. Together, Drew and Katie Taylor are dedicated to supporting Catholic Sacramental Marriages, offering valuable resources and guidance from a Christian perspective. While you can’t change your family background, these tips offer actionable steps you and your spouse can implement today to strengthen your relationship and reduce the risk of divorce. Grounded in Catholic truths and psychological insights, these resources have the power not only to save marriages but to transform them.

Here are 5 research-based tips to avoid divorce:

  1. Regularly Attend Church Together: Studies show a 46% lower likelihood of divorce among couples who attend church together.
  2. Pray Together As a Couple: Couples who pray together experience a 14% decrease in divorce risk, which rises to 47% with shared faith, and also report higher relationship quality.
  3. Practice Natural Family Planning: Couples who utilize Natural Family Planning methods are 33% less likely to divorce.
  4. Be Open to Life: Having children reduces the likelihood of divorce by 26%.
  5. Hold a Strong Personal Conviction that Marriage is For Life: Individuals with a firm belief in the indissolubility of marriage are substantially protected from divorce.

By incorporating these behaviors into your marriage, you not only strengthen your bond as a couple but also deepen your commitment to the sacrament of marriage.

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