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What would it mean to you, your family, and our dear Lord, if you could offer new ways to inspire the next generation of Catholics to give our Church and Our Lord another look, another glance Christ’s way; but in a manner that might better resonate with the current Gen X, Y, and Z, in ways that make sense to them, given their hard-wired hearts of compassion for the needs of others?  Would you make the effort?  What could you do?

Upon the birth of most children, we, as parents, begin envisioning what life can and will be like for our child. We consider their basic, physical needs, and social/emotional needs. We expend ourselves on their behalf, prioritize their education, and try to surround them with a supportive network of family and friends that will add to their developing identity, learning, and sense of security and well-being.  We are filled with hope they will grow confidently, resiliently, and capably to navigate this ever-changing world confidently, and effectively, based on the path God has sketched specifically for His love for them and His and our mutual desire for their holiness. 

But our vocation as parents must run deeper than their confidence and effectiveness in this life! What about the next life?!  Let’s ponder God’s design for our own life journey as parents!  So many twists and turns, so many unexpected obstacles  –  We know first hand that our own children must learn that one can not live on bread alone!

We offer our best selves as parents when modeling being in the world but not of the world. By encouraging and supporting our child’s soul and God’s quest and gift of our holiness, we are leading our children closer to God, Our Heavenly Father.  For when we are intentional in meeting our spiritual responsibilities to our children, we open our ears and hearts to better hear God’s voice guiding, lighting, leading, and directing our family’s lives toward our collective and individual well-being and His unique purpose; all for His glory, for all eternity!  

Fortunately, there is an abundance of resources to support parents in our role as the primary educators of our children. One tool that’s been helpful to introduce the Divine Love to children and young adults of all ages is to invite them to make a “generosity commitment” in their life to always be mindful of and serve those in need.  The 14 Works of Mercy through www.catholicuprise.com is one concrete framework, a global volunteer Catholic generosity movement over the past five years, now in 50 countries, that rises up against worldly relativism and inspires new and generous support by UPRISE commitment-makers to serve others.  UPRISE uses the 14 Works of Mercy as highly practical tools for meeting youth and young adults where they are today; with smart-phone and social media in hand, wired for service, yet redirected and inspired to encounter the Lord through serving peers or neighbors in need.  The UPRISE website has a treasure-trove of resources and materials for parents, children, and young adults alike:  

  • Catholic 14 Works of Mercy “icons” and “certificate” where UPRISE movement-makers can track which Works of Mercy they are doing, and how many more opportunities there are to act upon and share another Work of Mercy. Find these resources HERE and HERE.
  • An UPRISE Works of Mercy “Journal,” particularly helpful during the annual seasons of Lent and Advent, or any time of year to record daily thoughts and experiences where you have seized the opportunity to put your faith in action and learn a position impact on your world – to help other sin need on your own time, in your own way and to have a record of it for personal reflection to strengthen your generosity commitment. Get the journal HERE.
  • An UPRISE “poster” you can download and print to proudly display in your home, school, parish or community your commitment to UPRISE Catholic generosity and the Works of Mercy, reminding you of all the good you can and are doing, right in your own home or community! Download the poster HERE.

Additionally, the USCCB website shares several resources to support youth and young adult ministry that we as parents may also find valuable in our quest to capture our children and grandchildren’s imaginations to get to know Jesus Christ, through the needs of others.

Don’t wait, God wants all of us  – parents, children, and young adults of all ages – as His children to know, love, and serve Him. Ultimately, it is our Heavenly Father who entrusts to us, as parents, to instill in our children the belief that they can be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with Him forever in the next! 

For more information about UPRISE: 

Visit our website at https://www.catholicuprise.org

Send us an email to learn more:  begenerous@catholicuprise.org

Image: Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

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