The Story Of Leah Darrow: A Testimony Pf Chastity And True Happiness

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Today’s video is a personal interview done by One Billion Stories of Leah Darrow while she was in Manila, the Philippines. Videos such as these can be extremely useful in our apostolate for their personal and very authentic character.

Former America’s Next Top Model Leah Darrow Reflects On Faith And Sexuality

A person describing how God worked in their life isn’t so much an argument but rather an objective description of events. Its simplicity is disarming. The encounter with God brings about a decisive change in the person that is evident to anyone with eyes to see.

A conversion story like that of Leah’s is extremely challenging because we are all looking for what she had in some way: success, fame, wealth, beauty. And we all look for it, at some time or another, in the wrong way and the wrong place.

She had every ingredient for worldly happiness. She reached the top of the secular peak, only to look out upon a quite pathetic landscape. When she reached the top, she realized that she had, in reality, reached the bottom and that the time had come to start climbing for real.

A Message From Leah Darrow – A Word To Men

How many worldly hopes, worldly peaks, still lie in our horizon of happiness? For how long will we continue to seek for that authentic happiness using a “theology of me”? For how long will we continue to drink the poisonous elixir of lustful and empty love? When will we choose dignity over distasteful egoism? When will we discover that authentic love that is found in Christ, and him alone?

Resources From Leah Darrow

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