A Mask: The Only Thing that God Can’t Work With

by Faith & Life, Self-Knowledge

This video unmasks the insincerity and lies we often find ourselves trapped in, either consciously or unconsciously.  The truth is that masks have become a cultural vice because we live in a world where image and appearances are the standard.  This standard puts a lot of pressure on us to prove ourselves and to try to impress others in order to be hired, accepted, or loved.  We try to live by worldly standards and we allow the culture to tell us how we should be.  We need to be perfect in every way and oftentimes, super human.

As Christians we know that we have a great dignity and we are created good!  We also know that we suffer from the consequences of original sin.  Life isn’t perfect and we are limited and contingent beings.  So, when everything looks good and perfect, how can this be real?  If we scratch a little below the surface, we discover a different side of things: certainly something of great value, yet with some flaws and imperfections. Many times we use our masks to cover our weaknesses, what we are ashamed of, what we don’t accept about ourselves, our complexes.  Behind every mask or lie, there is usually a fear of being rejected by the group, friends, or people.  We think we need to act as the others do to be accepted.

Masks become confusing because, by their very nature, they hide who we really are.  As time goes on, it is harder to distinguish between our masks and the reality behind them, thus we become enslaved to the way we “should” present ourselves to others.  Oddly enough, the more effort we put into our masks the harder it is to develop authentic relationships.

No one wants to be a fake, but the truth is that it’s easier to hide.  It takes courage to be authentic, to be vulnerable, to show our real selves!  So what is the answer?  This video opens up the question: what are my masks and who am I really?

Finally, being Christian doesn’t imply a spotless life or one without difficulties and falls.  On the contrary, it is a path of self-knowledge and conversion in which we can freely accept and live with our flaws without fear.  

God can’t work with masks because God can’t save someone who acts as though he or she is already perfect and thus closed to the truth.

The virtue of humility is the weapon of choice against any mask.  To be humble means to walk in the Truth; to walk according to the objective and authentic reality of myself and of others.

It is a lifelong journey of self-knowledge that is obtained, above all, through a deep encounter with the Lord Jesus.  Only He offers us Truth that sets us free.  He reveals us to ourselves and gives us the grace and courage to live and walk in the Truth.  In Him, it is possible to find friends who long for this authenticity and will hold us accountable to who we really are. Take courage!

This was the Easter Video of www.centralchristian.com.

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