Teamwork Is Essential to the Christian Life

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“Lone ranger”, “independent”, “self-made man/woman”, “do-it-yourself” are just a few common phrases that we hear a lot. There is definitely something positive to being capable of doing things alone, but why has it become an all-important virtue? Why is doing something on your own necessarily better? Sometimes I wonder if society trains us to be lonely.

Teamwork is fundamental in the apostolate and in many aspects of Christian life. Recognizing the need to work with others, to have strong friendships, and to serve others are necessary steps on the path towards happiness. The entirety of our faith is saturated by the dynamic passage from an “I” mentality to a “We” mentality. Only in communion with others can I truly discover my own identity and place in the mission.

This, I think, is a wickedly creative idea. Each one plays something simple on the guitar and in the end they can pull together an amazing song.


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