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4 Ways To Combat The Secular Storm on College Campuses

4 Ways To Combat The Secular Storm On College Campuses

America has seen an incredible cultural shift in the past decade. In 2007, Catholics (23.9%), Evangelical Protestants (26.3%), and Mainline…

catholic pope francis meets astronauts in space

Watch Pope Francis Talk With These Astronauts Aboard The International Space Station

On Thursday, six astronauts aboard the International Space Station had the opportunity to speak with Pope Francis in a video…

persecution christians catholics
Value of Human Life

5 Incredible Stories of Christian Persecution From Around The World

When I think of the persecuted Christian Church, it is easy to lump all the horrific stories into one overwhelmingly…

social ills
Faith & Life

The 7 Social Ills that Every Christian is Called to Heal

For many people, today’s society has radically changed. We’ve gone from traditional marriage to other forms of civil union, from…

3 Quotes to Help You When You Feel the World is Falling Apart Around You
Faith & Life

3 Quotes to Help You When You Feel the World is Falling Apart Around You

Let’s talk about the world again. If your summer has been anything like mine, it’s probably been a summer of…

Catholic Media

Running from God, Looking for Happiness in the Temptations

When faced with temptations, do you run towards God or away from Him? “I fled him, down the nights and…

Prodigal Son "Come Home" - What Would The Prodigal Son Look Like Today?

“Come Home” – What Would The Prodigal Son Look Like Today?

The story of the prodigal son is much more than a parable told long ago. It is a drama that…

Faith & Life

You’ll Be Surprised by What These Security Cameras Caught on Tape

Security cameras just catch the wrongdoers, right? This short advertisement by Coca-Cola reminds us that good thing are recorded too….

Though The World Is Dangerous, St. Ambrose Says The Church Will Stand Firm

The Church of the Lord is built upon the rock of the apostles among so many dangers in the world;…

G.K. Chesterton

G.K. Chesterton On The Adventure Of The Christian Virtues

The act of defending any of the cardinal virtues has today all the exhilaration of a vice. Moral truisms have…

St. Dominic

“One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular…”

“One day, through the Rosary and the Scapular, Our Lady will save the world.”

“We are Christians, and strangers on earth….”

“We are Christians and strangers on earth. Let none of us be frightened; our native land is not in this…

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