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why do Catholics bury the dead all souls day all saints day
Faith & Life

Why Do Catholics Bury Their Dead?

The upcoming feast days in November, All Saints Day and All Souls Day, we will remember with hope all those saints…

Gospel reflection Free Catholic Bible study

What Does Christ’s Kingship Have to Do With Littleness?

“Man says that time passes. Time says that man passes.” – T. Terzani The most important things are said at…

Year of Mercy

If You Hadn’t Noticed, We’ve Just Had a Year of Mercy!

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve just had a Year of Mercy! It ends pretty soon, on November 20th. Maybe,…


These Two Men Decided to Workout With Prisoners for a Week

One of the most striking scenes in the movie Courageous is when a police officer visits a young man in…

cleaning your closet
Catholic Faith

8 Things to Ask Yourself When Cleaning Your Closet

“If you don’t love it, you won’t wear it,” my mother always advises in fitting rooms. She doesn’t mean that…

10 Ideas to Help You Make Feeding the Hungry an Act of Mercy
Catholic Faith

10 Ideas that Will Help You Make Feeding the Hungry an Act of Mercy

Recently, my parents and I were away for the weekend for vacation. When we walked into our house Sunday afternoon,…


The Secret to Buying Happiness

Money can buy happiness? As Fr. Mike Schmitz points out, yes, money actually can buy happiness if you spend it…

Visit the Sick
Faith & Life

In this Year of Mercy, How Can You Visit the Sick?

“Would you be able to donate blood this week?” a lady asked over the phone. “We’re trying to prepare for…

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